Sims Jr. enjoys sparring Pacquiao and Linares ahead of next outing

Kenneth Sims Jr. has been sparring with Linares, giving him great work, while learning from the best fighters in the world. The experience has been instrumental in the development of Sims Jr., who resides in Chicago, Illinois.

“Training with Linares and Pacquiao has been a great learning process for me and my dad who’s my trainer,” said Kenneth Sims Jr. “I want to thank Gary Shaw for setting up these sparring opportunities. I’ve performed really well and my confidence is at an all-time high. After sparring with these great champions, I know I have the skills to become something special in this sport and I’m going to take it one fight at a time. Gary and Antonio Leonard are working on my next fight and I should be returning to the ring shortly.”

“Kenneth Sims Jr. is a special talent with an amateur pedigree to take his professional career to championship level,” Gary Shaw said. “Antonio and I are going to continue to bring him up the right way, give him tough fights, so he can be prepared for the big fights that lie ahead. Everything I’m hearing from these training camps and the sparring sessions Sims Jr. is having is positive. Kenneth is only going to get better and that makes me very happy.”