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Home » Khan: Brook fights no-names, Broner doesn’t want to fight

Khan: Brook fights no-names, Broner doesn’t want to fight

Khan, 28, has been linked to fighting compatriot and current IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook or the out-spoken Adrien Broner in recent months, although the Olympic silver medallist says both were ruled out for different reasons.

“I could have fought Kell Brook in the UK (in June), but I only want to fight in May. I don’t want to fight in June because of Ramadan coming up. Either way, I’d be taking Ramadan off. I don’t want to be going into Ramadan tired after a fight, going straight into Ramadan, fasting,” said Khan.

“I like to give my body a break. I’ve done that before. I’ve had a fight and I’ve gone straight into Ramadan back-to-back. It’s too much for a body to take. Obviously I need to look after my body.

“Yeah, Kell Brook, the guy is a world champion, he should be fighting the likes of Bradley and the big names in boxing, like I’m doing. I’m fighting Chris Algieri, who just came out of the ring in his last fight against Manny Pacquiao. Kell Brook, his last fight, I never heard of the guy he fought (Jo Jo Dan). Now he’s fighting another no-name fighter without a ranking (Frankie Gavin).

“That name doesn’t bother me anymore because he’s not doing anything. The only reason his name gets pushed to me because he holds the title. If he didn’t have the title, I don’t think it would mean anything to me or boxing.”

On a fight with Broner, who Khan held discussions with publicly on FaceTime, he added: “I think he just wants to jump on the bandwagon really and get a little hype. I told my advisor Al Haymon to get me the fight with him before we even got the fight with Chris.

“Adrien to me seemed to not want the fight. In front of the cameras, he seems to want the fight, but when it comes down to signing the contract he didn’t want to sign anything. When it comes down to signing the contract, he doesn’t want the fight. Adrien didn’t want it, so obviously I had to go on to someone else.”

The Bolton knows he has to look good at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to stand any hope of making the Floyd Mayweather sweepstakes over the summer, although fighting Algieri in the first place may have inadvertently put Khan in a no-win situation.