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Manny Pacquiao faces hard year ahead, ring rust on return

Pacquiao, 36, has been informed by doctors that he will be unlikely to have full use of his right shoulder until the beginning of 2016.

This leaves the ‘Pacman’ facing up to a year-long spell out of action. Basically, in no man’s land regarding his fighting future.

Add to that the possibility that the Congressman may require a warm-up fight to get back in the swing of things. That could mean Pacquiao would even miss out on any rematch u-turn to face Mayweather on his 50th bout on May 7th of next year.


‘Money’ extending his career to 51 fights to accommodate a lucrative second clash with Pacquiao seems a doubtful prospect at the moment.

As the lawsuits from disgruntled fans are piling up against both fighters from the fallout of Pacquiao’s ailment announcement, the pair may require another battle to fully feel the benefit of their mammoth payday earlier this month.

Payouts in legal fees and damages are a strong possibility, especially for Pacquaio, who has already had his fair share of troubles with the taxman.

In fairness to Pacquiao, it’s hard to imagine Mayweather would be able to resist being handed another nine-figure check-in his dressing room after seeing the delight upon him receiving the first one on May 2.

In all likeliness, predictions of a rematch are still favored 60-40 to go ahead.



Whether that will be in a year or a year and a half is entirely up to Pacquiao’s recovery and how his body reacts.

Going through the motions in training and sparring will be enough to prepare him for another installment with the pound for pound king.

Mayweather is already closely linked to Briton Amir Khan’s encounter for his next fight on September 12 in Las Vegas. Khan firmly wants it.

At the same time, Manny Pacquiao keeps his head down. He works on his recuperation before a potential meeting with either the following year.

We wish him well.