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Kung Fu star breaks Mike Tyson’s finger

Tyson, 48, was filming a scene for the third part in the ‘Ip Man’ franchise when Yen’s elbow struck him on the hand. Although hurt and in need of medical attention, Tyson carried on to finish the take before heading off to the emergency room for treatment on a fracture.

Yen, who first starred as ‘Yip Man’ back in 2008, was impressed with ‘Iron’ Mike’s willingness to carry on with the ailment following the accident – as the 51 year-old ploughs on with completing the film due out in February 2016.

“Tyson is very professional. I knew I hit him, but I didn’t know it was that serious. So we moved on and continued shooting the film at that time. I feel so sorry now,” Yen told, before adding, “He is a very professional, very nice actor with a great work ethic. We have really enjoyed this collaboration.”

Former fighter Tyson, who retired from the sport in 2005 and later starred in the successful ‘Hangover’ series of movies, later joked: “At first you guys were only worried about Yen’s safety (when filming with me), as if he would get hurt. Now I’m hurt, no one comforts me,” said the one time ‘Baddest Man on the Planet.’

Focusing on the lead character’s relationship with martial arts legend Bruce Lee, ‘Ip Man 3’ is being directed by Wilson Yip and represents Tyson’s 28th acting credit to date, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).