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Home » Hamzaoui files lawsuit against BDB over Amasheh victory

Hamzaoui files lawsuit against BDB over Amasheh victory

A look back:

At stake in the fight were the WBF world title and the so-called “silver title” of the WBC. Both organizations agreed the three judges beforehand and the BDB had no complaints with them. After 10 rounds, Hamzaoui was announced the winner by split decision.

As is practice, the BDB proceeded to report this result to the relevant databases ( and fightfax) and Hamzaoui improved her computer-generated world ranking substantially. But about a month later, a website suddenly reported that the BDB no longer accepts the result and had scandalously changed it into a “No Contest”.

Then the BDB website confirmed this and claimed this to be a mutual decision of the BDB and the WBC. In the meantime, however, the WBC exposed this as a lie from the BDB, clarifying that the WBC never changed the decision nor would it be within their rules.

The legal battle away from the ring was on, since the French world champion refused to accept her victory being stolen. While the BDB points towards the WBC rules, these WBC rules state explicitly that they cannot change a decision. They define the exact opposite of what is claimed and outline that it can’t touch the judges verdict.

However, the BDB did not stop at this. Not only through its own internet website did they spread the rumor that Amira Hamzaoui had not won the very fight she won, but also wrote to and made sure that all of a sudden even there the result was changed.

Hamzaoui’s lawyer Marcus Bartscht said: “They not only messed up the sport, but from a legal point of view it is not maintainable. As a national federation, the BDB cannot arbitrary change fight results and send them out. That’s a scandalous injustice!”

Now the district court must decide.

The World Boxing Federation, however, was not impressed by the phony machinations of BDB and held on to the result as it was originally given.