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Lawsuit total against MayPac event passes 30 mark

Single customers, bars and media sports projects are amongst those seeking damages from the event organisers as some paid thousands of dollars to broadcast the pay-per-view fight in their premises.

The main bone of contention is the fact that Pacquiao fought the whole twelve rounds with a shoulder injury that many believe should have been made public immediately, and not disclosed upon completion of the fight – which Mayweather won.

Pacquiao outlined in his post-fight press conference that he could not perform to his best due to the Nevada State Athletic Commission refusing him a pain-killing injection for the fight, although the general consensus is that the Filipino should have pulled out of the clash until fully fit.

It’s not only Pacquiao and his promoters that are named on some of the lawsuits filed though as Mayweather and his team have also been targeted, along with broadcasters Showtime and HBO, all of whom made huge sums of money from the contest.

Many see the fight as not living up to hype that surrounded it and want to be compensated for spending their hard-earned cash on an encounter that involved a fighter that wasn’t 100 percent at his best on the night. It also seems that deception plays a big part as a portion of those participating in the event knew about Pacquiao’s ailment prior to the first bell.

The next step is unclear as the litigation keeps coming against the Las Vegas showdown, but with Mayweather and Pacquiao in the process of counting their paychecks from the PPV sales and beyond, the welterweights may also have to begin counting the cost of an undisclosed impairment.