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Upton brothers score victories a York Hall

Sonny smartly outboxed Latvia’s Dmitrijs Ovsjannikovs over six rounds despite sustaining a hand injury, while Anthony flattened Istvan Kiss of Hungry with an hellacious body shot in the third round.

Victory extends Sonny’s record to 7-2 (4 KOs), while Anthony remains unbeaten at 9-0 (4 KOs).

“It was a learning fight more than anything. I learnt quite a lot. He was a tough fella, I’d watched him on YouTube and I kind of had a feeling it would go the distance. He was a typical journeyman who takes a punch,” Sonny said.

“I hurt my right hand two weeks ago and it went again last night when I was doing the pads. Ricky said if I had to throw it, to throw it, but otherwise save it. I hit him on the top of the head a few times and it hurt, but it was a good performance.

“I like the longer distance fights because I think you learn more in rounds four to six than you do in the first three.

“I think I’m ready for eight rounds now. Ricky is looking for a title fight towards the end of the year and I’m looking forward to that.”

Anthony said: “I’ve been practicing this body shot with Ricky in the past week and I just let it go in the third round.

“The first round I felt him out, the second round I rocked him a few times and then in the third I rocked him a few more and then boom! I hit him in the solar plexus and that was it, he wasn’t getting back up.

“He’s fought a lot of welterweight and light-middleweights and done ok, but I hit harder than my weight.

“I don’t really want to compare myself to anyone else. I’m just concentrating on what I need to do and I’m in no rush. Ricky has asked me what ranking I am because I think he’s keen for a title later in the year, but I’m happy with the way things are going and I’ll be ready for anyone when the chance comes up.”