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Golovkin: I’m ready for Canelo or Cotto right now!

The 33 year-old brushed aside a game Monroe in front of an adoring crowd in California and stated that he wanted to give the fans a show before moving on to a possible unification. Calls for a massive match-up against the winner of a much-talked about clash between Cotto and Canelo were addressed by Golovkin who is adamant he is primed for either whenever they see fit to open talks.

“Well done to my opponent as he brought a very good drama show,” said Golovkin. “But I showed him who was the real champ. I gave him a chance, but I did not lose control. I felt comfortable. This is not five minutes, this is a show.

“I want unification. I want big fights. Bring it and I show you.”

When specifically asked about Cotto and Canelo, ‘GGG’ answered: “I respect Miguel. I don’t know what happens, but I win. I await a big fight. Not (Canelo) for future. I’m ready for Canelo or Miguel right now.

“First of all Canelo, Cotto and then (we maybe think about Andre) Ward,” he added.

Golovkin, who is now 33-0 with 30 stoppages and boasts the most formidable KO ratio in boxing, is set to return in Monte Carlo this September before a touted fight against one of the other 160lb champions in December on US soil.

As Cotto and Canelo look likely to collide in a fall PPV blockbuster, interim green belt holder Golovkin may have to wait until the summer at the earliest to finally challenge for the coveted WBC title.