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Sulaiman presents Napoles with 6th Generation WBC belt

On the welterweight WBC 6G Belt, naturally one of the plaques was of the great warrior Jose Angel “Mantequilla” Napoles, who unfortunately couldn’t attend the ceremony where the 2 greatest fighters of all division were presented with their belt. This event that took place at the WBC 52nd annual convention, in Las Vegas.

However, it didn’t took so long for the belt to in the firm grasp be with in the hands of its owner. Now almost completely recovered from some health issues, the welterweight King traveled to Mexico City for visiting his house, as himself calls to the WBC, where he received as what he is….an authentic CHAMPION.

On his visit he was surprised not only with the affection of the boxing family, especially of our President Mauricio Sulaiman, but also with the WBC 6g belt.

He received his cherished belt hands of WBC President, who with great affection showed Mantequilla why his face was included on the latest edition.

Today this belt lays on the hands of the man that made history in boxing, managing to be considered as one of the greatest welterweights in entire history. Jose Angel “Mantequilla” Napoles…

Born in Cuba, “Mantequilla” was adopted by Mex icans, and for him his home is Mexico as he always proved inside the ring.

After emigrating to Mexico, Jose Angel was completely dedicated to boxing without knowing he would become a boxing legend. And how!

He made his pro debut in August 2nd 1958, defeating Julio Rojas by KO in the first round. During his initial path he kept improving graduall. He had three memorable fights against L.C. Morgan, he fought in Japan with Taketero and he drew with the then world champion, Eddie Perkins.

After having several victories, ¨Mantequilla¨ got the opportunity of facing Texan, Curtis Cokes, WBC welterweight champion. That night resulted to be unforgettable as Napoles got the triumph in round 13 by KO, and then he celebrated lifting aloft a Mexican sombrero

He had 3 successful defenses, including the rematch with Cokes and a fight with the former champion Emile Griffith,. He would loose after that against Billy Backus- the fight being stopped in round 4 due to an eye injury . Napoles recovered the title in a rematch bout that took place in 1971. He would defend his title for 5 years.

In February 9th , 1974 the expected and anticipated bout against Carlos Monzon!

Unfortunately Napoles wasn’t able to keep fighting in the round 7 and he was forced to go back to his division. On December 6th, 1975 he lost to John Stracey and he decided to retire.

With boxing running through his veins, José “Mantequilla” Napoles, continues links with his greatest passion as he transmits his knowledge to young upcoming fighters who want to become Champions . He lives now in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.