Throwdown Fantasy: Player wins $2,500 on MayPac game

Throwdown Fantasy 12/05/2015

Fantasy boxing has arrived. If you are familiar with fantasy sports then it will be good news that ThrowdownFantasy.com has entered the space.

Throwdown Fantasy & Compubox have partnered to bring you a way to make money using your boxing knowledge or just pay for free! It’s a great way to make every fight feel a little more like the main event. It takes 2 minutes to register. Here is how it works:

  1. Draft 5 fighters from the pool of upcoming fights. You are given a $25,000 salary cap and each fighter is given a salary that vary according to how strong a favorite they are to win. Games are held weekly. See below the choices for the Canelo/Kirkland weekend where you can win $4,000(27 payouts)


  1. Players get points by how their fighters perform in the ring. Fighters get points for wins, knockouts wins, knockdowns, punches landed, plus/minus rating (your fighters conn. pct minus his opponent’s), and bonus points for punches thrown and accuracy %. All stats are provided by CompuBox.We all know styles make fights and any sort of fighter can wrack up the points depending on how they preform. You can see fighter stats and records on site at throwdownfantasy.com.

This is a game of skill, you how we know? A player called ‘Yuggy’ won over $2,500 on ThrowdownFantasy.com’s $10k MayPac Guarantee game, over the weekend, by drafting the best combo of fighters. Here is how the infamous Yuggy did it:

Yuggy had a total of 18 fighters to choose from under the $25,000 salary cap. He picked two big favorites in Jesse Hart ($5,500) and Vasyl Lomachenko ($5,500), two reasonably even fights with Takashi Miura ($4,700) and Raymundo Belran (4,800) and with his left over money ($4,500) he picked Carlos Molina ($4,200). Yuggy even had $300 left over. Yuggy entered multiple times but this is how he won the $1,500 1stplace prize.


Here is how Yuggy placed for the $10k Maypac game:



If you want to try the game out for free, then simply register and ThrowdownFantasy.com will give you 1,000 Throwdown Points. Use those points to enter into the Throwdown Freeroll and win a chance at $100. All you have to do is register for free.

Will you be Yuggy and turn your boxing predictions into cash? This is a great one to share with friends.