BoxNation offer 100k purse / TV coverage for Charlotte Church v Katie Hopkins

BoxNation 12/05/2015

Boxing fans may have been left unsatisfied following the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao May 2nd showdown but Charlotte Church and Katie Hopkins’ recent spat has created another superfight which is being demanded by the public.

As such, leading boxing channel BoxNation, which airs on Sky, Virgin, TalkTalk and online, has put up a £100,000 offer for the winner to their designated charity, and will provide adequate training, as well as showing the fight live and exclusive on the channel.

Welsh singer Church and TV personality Hopkins clashed over Twitter when the latter blasted 29-year-old Church for attending an anti-austerity march in Cardiff to complain about forthcoming Tory cuts.

Hopkins is a staunch Conservative supporter and the pair went at it back and forth before Church challenged the controversial figure to settle the argument once and for all by lacing up the gloves and meeting her inside the squared circle for a charitable cause.

BoxNation is now ready to make the fight happen, with the broadcaster prepared to provide the platform in which to turn fighting words into reality.

‘The Channel of Champions’ regularly broadcasts the biggest fights from around the world including Tyson Fury, Mayweather, Pacquiao and Wladimir Klitschko.

Hopkins’ namesake, the legendary Bernard Hopkins, is another regular featured on the channel and if the 40-year-old Sun columnist is half as good as the Philadelphian fighter then Church will certainly have bitten off more than she can chew.

Jim McMunn, Managing Director of BoxNation, said: “If these two want it to happen in the ring then BoxNation will make it happen. We immediately guarantee a purse of £100k for their nominated charities and we look forward to facilitating this showdown. Boxing is the ultimate one on one – Twitter and social media becomes a cowardly nonsense. BoxNation will ensure both fighters are ready to step through the ropes and face each other in a reality neither could ever have imagined. With role models like Nicola Adams and Katie Taylor boxing is an inspiration to all women who love sport and there is no doubt that if they want it to happen, the fiery personality of both Church and Hopkins will ensure this is a fight not to be missed.”

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