Macke Roberts launches Blue Print Boxing venture

Blueprint Boxing is a world class company that creates world class revenue for its clients. In 2015 its been a great year for the sport of boxing. There has been tremendous mainstream exposure in boxing with the development of multiple television platforms broadcasting live boxing events. Blueprint Boxing’s goal is to create innovative ideas, create global exposure and develop new revenue streams in the boxing business.

“Blueprint Boxing will change the game with innovative ideas and create new boxing revenue streams that are not being utilized in the boxing business. I want to thank the numerous boxing industry executives I’ve had discussions with about my new Blueprint Boxing venture. Their support and words of encouragement while developing this new business venture has been remarkable. I look forward to working with many boxing industry executives and creating some new & exciting opportunities in the boxing industry.”said Macke Roberts, Global Marketing Officer, Blueprint Boxing.

“Blueprint Boxing is looking forward to being a boxing industry leader & innovator in the global evolution of the pro boxing business. Blueprint Boxing has some amazing ideas that will effect the boxing business marketplace in a positive way financially. In the near future Blueprint Boxing will make announcements with further details on our exciting plans. “said Macke Roberts, Global Marketing Officer, Blueprint Boxing.