Throwdown Fantasy Preview: Canelo v Kirkland weekend

Throwdown Fantasy 06/05/2015

Throwdown Fantasy & Compubox allows users to pick fighters from upcoming fights. Those fighters are given points for all their actions during the fight from punches landed, to accuracy %, to their +- rating (difference between punches landed and received).

The next group of fantasy boxing games launch today with the highlighted fight between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and James Kirkland on May 9th. We have the Fantasy Guide to picking the right team.

Need help with scoring? Here is a breakdown of how you get points at ThrowdownFantasy.com:

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Featured Fight
May 9
At Houston (HBO)
Canelo Alvarez ($5,500) vs. James Kirkland ($4,900)

For Alvarez to win he must jump on the very slow-starting Kirkland, who tends to be badly hurt in the first three minutes. Should Kirkland survive, he must then land enough accurate power punches to persuade Kirkland to slow down his often frenetic, high-octane offense. For Kirkland to emerge victorious he must survive whatever comes his way early, then get inside, shift into overdrive and pound Alvarez until he falls or the referee stops the fight. He must force Alvarez to react rather than give him sufficient time to plot strategy. For Kirkland, a thinking man’s fight is death.

alvarez kirkland

Our Suggestion: The $5,500 price tag will make Canelo one of your most expensive picks. If you think Canelo will land early against the slower starter Kirkland and keep landing until he racks up the points or knocks him down/out, then he could be your winner. Keep in mind Canelo will be the most popular pick. James Kirkland, while an underdog, costs $4,900. Kirkland is durable and will stay in the fight, landing punches and could post a respectable points total.

Bottom Line: Canelo (big advantage)

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May 9
At San Antonio, Texas (CBS)
Omar Figueroa ($5,400) vs. Ricky Burns ($4,400)

For Figueroa to win he must set an aggressive tone from the start and give Burns a reason to brawl, an attitude which matches his temperament but not his skill set. Both are capable of good volume but Figueroa is the bigger puncher of the two shot-for-shot so heavy exchanges will benefit him. For Burns to win he must box, box and box some more because he can fight better at long range than in close, especially against Figueroa, who is a good infighter but who has issues on defense. He shouldn’t go for the knockout but rather score points, get out and pile up the rounds.

Figuera vs Burns

Our Suggestion: Figueroa is one of Throwdown Fantasy’s most consistent performers, with an impressive 81.8 avg. fantasy points per fight. He has 6 KO’s in his last 12 fights. He could replicate this easily. However, Burns is tough and could foil Figueroa’s party and, in turn, your fantasy points total by enduring. It might be hard to keep up his average fantasy points (expect it to be lower).

Bottom Line: Figueroa (significant advantage)

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May 8
At Philadelphia (ESPN2/ESPN Deportes):
Amir Mansour ($5,200) vs. Joey Dawejko ($4,300)

For Mansour to win he must not underestimate Dawejko based on his physique because he has deceptively fast hands and can hit some. Second, Mansour must either go all the way inside or all the way outside because Dawekjo, despite his girth, is best when he is a mid-range sharpshooter. He also must force Dawejko backward because when Charles Martin did so Dawekjo averaged just 16 punches per round and threw only six in round two when he prevented Dawejko from taking one step forward. Finally, Mansour should try to land the right hook because Martin, also a southpaw, floored Dawejko with one. Finally, he is capable of creating a fast pace while Dawejko isn’t, so do that. For Dawejko to win he must be in his best condition, find a way to slow the pace to a comfortable level, use the quick hands to land jabs and body shots and look to surprise him with sudden bursts.

Mansour vs Dawejko

Our Suggestion: Mansour is the favorite for this one and, costing only $5,200, could prove to be a game winner. Especially since Dawejko was kept to just 8 total landed punches in 4 rounds vs. Charles Martin, leaving him with only .8 total fantasy points. Dawejko’s has a decent connect pct. and keeps his opponents at bay so his +/- rating could mean a respectable score, although unlikely.

Bottom Line: Mansour (significant advantage)

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At Newark, N.J. (truTV):
Glen Tapia ($5,300) vs. Michael Soro ($4,500)

Tapia showed off surprising wrinkles in his last fight against sieve-like Aussie Daniel Dawson, but against the slicker Soro a return to his volume-punching, power-laden ways may be in order. Be “The Jersey Boy” but retain some of the defensive improvements that were seen in the Dawson fight. For Soro to win he must use angles, a busy jab and sharp counters to slow Tapia’s attack, plus he should try to get started sooner than he did against Antoine Douglas, for had he started a round earlier his second-half stretch drive would have resulted in a win instead of a draw.

Tapia vs Soro

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Our Suggestion: Tapia’s a slight favorite and, with 75% of his wins coming by KO, could provide you with those KO points that really make the difference. Also, vs. Daniel Dawson, Tapia racked up and impressive 97 points. Only concern is Tapia’s +/- bonus. Soro has been hit or miss is two-thirds of his fights, scoring less than 15 fantasy points in them.

Bottom Line: Tapia (significant advantage)


Seanie Monaghan ($5,900) vs. Cleiton Conceicao ($3,800)

For Monaghan to win he must take the fight to Conceicao, try to not be enveloped by his octopus-like clinching and not get frustrated by his spoiling tactics. Consistent hard work with a heavy dose of disciplined patience are key.

Monaghan vs Conciecao

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Our suggestion: Monaghan is the biggest favorite in this game but fights are not fought on paper. Conceicao will look to stall and frustrate Monaghan with his clinching. This could stem the tide of points that most people think he will get. Conceicao in his last 2 fights averaged 6 points in his only saving grace here is that Monaghan is easy to hit. If you pick Conceicao then you can pick two other heavy favorites.

Bottom line: Monaghan (significant advantage)


Tomoki Kameda ($5,500) vs. Jamie McDonnell ($4,700)

For Kameda to win he must abandon his usual boxing-oriented tactics and repeat the blueprint he applied against Immanuel Naidjala — apply pressure, cut off the ring and bang the body, where McDonnell has proven to be accessible. For McDonnell to win he should box at long range behind his prolific (though inaccurate) jab, use angles to set up his combinations and exchange only when necessary. Pile up points and hope the frustration and pressure to succeed gets to the favored Kameda.

Kameda vs McDonnell

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Our suggestion: Kameda lands more often with impressive greater accuracy. This leads to a very impressive +/- rating. Kameda could really rack up the points on the very inaccurate power puncher in McDonnell. Caution: never count McDonnell out as he has scored 10th round KO wins in his last two fights. McDonnell can turn this game upside down.

Bottom Line: Kameda(significant advantage)


Austin Trout ($4,800) vs. Anthony Mundine ($4,500)

For Trout to win he must force a long-range boxing match where his busy jab will control the flow of the bout and set up his accurate power shots. Points are the key for Trout, who hasn’t been a big puncher against his best opponents. Finally, the 29-year-old Trout must make Mundine feel every day of his 39 years with his speed and activity. For Mundine to win he must use his fast-twitch quirkiness to throw off Trout’s timing and land sudden straight rights down the middle to exploit the southpaw’s vulnerability to them.

Trout vs Munidne

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Our suggestion: Trout could box on the outside and rack up a healthy +/- rating. Trout has a 3 fight winning streak (2 Ko’s and a decision). Trout can rack up points in the 60’s against inferior competition quite easily. Mundine is hit or miss. In his last three fights, he scored only 8, 14.4 and then 78 points respectively. This old timer is another slight underdog that could be a game changer.

Bottom line: Trout (Slight advantage)


At Frankfurt, Germany
Fedor Chudinov ($4,900) vs. Felix Sturm ($4,700)

For Chudinov to win he must establish his thumping jab to offset Sturm’s active, accurate one and flood Sturm’s radar with the unpredictable, up-and-down flurries that marked his fifth-round corner stoppage win over Stejpan Bozic. The more punches he can throw and land the better, especially in Germany where Sturm is almost invincible with the judges. For Sturm to win he must be first with his jabs, throw punches at a higher pace (his average output has been down in recent fights) and give Chudinov just enough movement to force him to reset. Landing sharper, easier-to-see punches from long range will help off-set Chudinov’s expected volume advantage. If he can’t up his volume, he must then try to slow the pace to a comfortable level and create a boxing match instead of a firefight.

Chudin vs Sturm

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Our suggestion: Chudinov is the slight favorite coming in with two knockouts in his last 2 fights, leaving him with a very impressive 131 fantasy points per fight. Felix Sturm may have the judges in his pocket come the final bell if he makes it.

Bottom line: Chudinov (slight advantage)


Frankie Gomez ($5,500) vs. Humberto Soto ($4,700)

For Gomez to win he must employ his quirky, unpredictable combinations but do so without taking long breaks as he did against Lanard Lane. His approach must be more like his most recent fight against Vernon Paris, where he averaged 73.1 punches per round and threw 117 in the final round. The younger man must also be the more energetic and consistent man and against a veteran like Soto speed and persistence must merge. For Soto to win he must counter Gomez’s flash with brick-loads of substance. He must pound the body to slow Gomez’s movement, cut the ring off in the meantime and fill the gaps Gomez creates with activity of his own. However, Soto’s output has declined in recent years, as has his hand and foot speed.

Gomes vs soto

Our suggestion: Gomez’s combinations could rack up points, like he did vs. Vernon Paris, while also utilizing his speed to maintain a healthy +/- rating. On the other hand, Soto knows how to win by decision. All of his wins have come by UD and if he pulls off a decision win then this underdog could have you laughing all the way to the bank.

Bottom Line:  Gomez (slight advantage)

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