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Home » No mention of Pacquiao injury on pre-fight medical form (photo)

No mention of Pacquiao injury on pre-fight medical form (photo)

Since Pacquiao lost to Mayweather on May 2, talk of a pre-fight shoulder ailment has dominated the headlines as the ‘Pacman’ and his team are adamant that the former WBO welterweight champion wasn’t at one hundred percent.

As the questionnaire clearly states, Pacquiao’s team did not tick yes when specifically asked about a possible shoulder injury to leave further question marks over how bad any tear would have been.

The 36 year-old claims he was unable to get his shots off properly for the duration of the the fight – which Mayweather won quite clearly by taking at least eight rounds of the twelve.

Some cynics may think this a ploy by Pacquiao and his team to lobby for a lucrative rematch with the pound for pound king, although the punch stats after the contest would suggest something was wrong.

Pacquiao landed just 81 blows over the 36 minutes and anyone who follows the seven-weight world title holder’s career would know that those are startling statistics for such a high volume puncher.

The fallout from Mayweather’s classy win will seemingly go on and on, although the interest of fans in a return between the two doesn’t seem to justify the pair doing it again.