Pacquiao: Mayweather ran, I thought I won but my best wasn’t good enough

Despite seemingly losing eight out of twelve round decisively, the 36 year-old said the following in his interview immediately after the fight:

“I thought I won the fight. He didn’t do nothing but run and stayed on the outside. He’s moving around and if he stayed I could throw punches.”

It seemed an odd statement to make at the time, although a more philosophical Pacquiao was firmly sticking to his story a short while later when the seven-weight world champion took the podium to address the world’s media.

“I did my best, but my best wasn’t good enough,” said Pacquiao.

“For twelve rounds I fought a good fight. I thought I won but I have to go back and review it on DVD to see what’s happening.

“Thanks to everyone who helped promote this fight and thank God everything is fine and there are no troubles. Thank you and we owe you a lot.”

‘Pacman’ was careful not to make any rash decisions regarding his future following what was his sixth career defeat against the ‘Money’ man, and will need to thoroughly review his performance before make any official statement on what lies next in his career.