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Mayweather ready to give up world titles, closes in on retirement

In a positive mood and content with his achievements following his brilliant win over Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather explained that he could fight for the final time in September without any of the three 147lb or two 154lb championships he currently owns.

“I’m the undisputed champion at welterweight and super welterweight, so five belts in two different weight classes right now, but I think Monday I will relinquish all belts,” revealed Mayweather.

“I made a decision in the back that my last fight may not be the championship fight. I’m going to give up all the belts. It’s still going to be a twelve round fight, but I’m going to relinquish all the belts Monday.

Mayweather then backtracked somewhat when asked to confirm that he plans to no longer be a champion, by saying: “I don’t know (when I will give the belts up) maybe a couple of weeks. I’m going to talk to my team. Other fighters need a chance. I’m not greedy. It’s time to let other fighters fight for the belts.

“As of right now, and I’m only human and I contradict myself, I just make smart moves in and outside of the ring.”

The way Mayweather came across, it was as though he knows that the time is right for him to leave the sport, and by the sounds of it, if ‘Money’ didn’t have one final fight with Showtime on his contract he may well have retired right there and then.

“I’m almost 40 years old and I have one more fight in September and it might be time for me to hang them up,” he stated. “My passion for boxing is not what it once was. This is my job and I have to be at my best when I am doing my job.

“It’s all about working smart, not hard. I don’t want to wait until I’m almost 40 years old to start taking abuse (in fights). I want to have all my faculties as I have invested my money extremely well and I could quit boxing today and I am okay.

“I was born a winner and I will die a winner. I don’t think I’m really going to miss the sport because I don’t really watch boxing. I couldn’t tell you who is on the rise until he came into my gym and I saw him.

“At one particular time I loved boxing. I wanted to go to every fight and be at every boxing event, but throughout the years I just lost the love for the sport.

“The plan was to make nine figures in one night and that’s what we did,” added Mayweather.