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Manny Pacquiao: I hurt my shoulder training, thought about postponing

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Manny Pacquiao made the revelation that he fought Floyd Mayweather nursing a shoulder injury on Saturday night as the Filipino attempted to explain away his defeat.

The ‘Pacman’ says he was forced to miss some training and was refused a pain-killing injection by the Nevada State Boxing Commission that may have made a difference to his performance in losing on points to Mayweather in Las Vegas.

“In this training camp we thought about planning to postpone as for two weeks I didn’t train,” said Pacquiao. “I couldn’t use my right hand.

“We filed the commission to see if we could use a shot to numb my shoulder, but we understand that we are not allowed so we didn’t.

“Two weeks before the fight, one week before the fight my shoulder was getting better. But not really one hundred percent recovered.

“At least I could use it although something was wrong. We went for an MRI and there is a tear in my right shoulder.

“I am happy though that the fight was still good. Even though I couldn’t use my right hand so much. I had to back off from the third round because it hurt, but I didn’t complain in the ring.

“I didn’t want to make alibis.”


Promoter Bob Arum added: “We filed papers with USADA so the Commission was well aware that Manny had a shoulder injury. It happened a few weeks ago. Apparently it was an old injury.

“If you look at the stats, Manny threw 190 jabs and only landed 19. I know credit has to go to Mayweather who is a great defensive fighter. But that tells you something is wrong.”

Trainer Freddie Roach had already stated that he hoped a rematch would happen before chipping in with his own thoughts on the ailment Pacquiao has to deal with in the build-up which he says may not have made too much difference.

“He collided with another fighter and hurt his shoulder. But it was getting better and better every day.

“We thought about postponing, but as the weeks went on it was getting stronger in the gym. I was happy with his performances and thought he could get through the fight.”