Sartonk ‘Man of Triumph’ sculpture and WBA belts revealed for MayPac

Our express goal was to capture the spirit and magnitude of this fight. Truly a modern sculpture, “Man of Triumph” reveals a series of angles and planes which, together, illustrate the archetypal posture of triumph. Man of Triumph’s front and back reveal rich anatomical detail, while his generic facial structure represents the universal character of international boxing. By use of super stylization, the 16″ sculpture is designed to transmit details and remain perfectly readable in the MGM Grand arena.

The sculpture’s hexagonal base features the iconic WBA emblem on the front, along with two inscriptions at each side. To the left, details of the event, and to the right: “One man defines his era. Man of Triumph.” More than victory over another fighter,tomorrow’s winner will be defining his pound-for-pound place in this era of boxing.

We at SARTONK, and on behalf of the WBA, are deeply proud of this creation, and hope that the boxing public embraces it.  Follow @SARTONK and let’s launch #ManofTriumph.We wish all of the fighters health and safety.

Click here for a gallery of “Man of Triumph” as well as the gold and rhodium plated WBA Super Champion belts.