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Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao: MayPac preview

Thinking long and hard without allowing my heart to rule my head, I have to go with the vast majority of the sport and agree that Floyd Mayweather will come out on top this Saturday night when he finally locks horns with Manny Pacquiao.

Why? – It’s quite simple…Mayweather doesn’t lose. As the man himself has said on many occasions, 47 have tried and 47 have failed and I’m afraid I can only see the fight going one way, although it may come accompanied by the usual Las Vegas judging decision.

Mayweather in my mind will win seven or eight or rounds of the twelve against the ‘Pacman’ using his superior defensive strategy and guile, but not without a scare or two along the way. I do believe an early knockdown in favour of Pacquiao is on the cards, but like he always does, Mayweather will figure his opponent out and cruise down the stretch to bag the later rounds and ultimately the victory.

A 115-114 or 116-113 scoreline for Mayweather, which takes into consideration the predicted knockdown, is a very real possibility in my eyes, but I’m not sure the three officials sitting at ringside will agree. There is always one judge that is singled out for criticism in the aftermath of a massive Nevada clash, as CJ Ross would testify to, and I can see a similar controversy happening at the MGM Grand.

Two cards for ‘Money’ and one for ‘Pacman’ comes with a hefty 5/1 against price with the bookmakers and could be where the smart cash lies as we count down the hours until the first bell finally rings. I would even go so far as to say cover your bet with a similar wager on Pacquiao via split at an even better 11/1 as you can never foresee how those men and women burdened with handling the cards will see it from their particular perch.

For me, Mayweather wins a close fight and we have a rematch on September 12 in what will be an enthralling fight that will live up to all expectations and have the fans and media alike begging for more. I can even see Mayweather ditching his patented shoulder roll for a couple of rounds and engaging with Pacquiao in order to fully prove his machismo, although a stoppage either way seems an unlikely scenario.

This fight is going to come accompanied with London bus syndrome as you wait seven years for one and two then come along in quick succession, so enjoy every minute of the 36 in tonight’s blockbuster battle, but prepare to do it all again in four months’ time.

WBN MayPac partners Paddy Power are offering UK and Ireland punters a massive 4/1 on Floyd Mayweather or 9/1 for Manny Pacquiao to win if you sign up to Paddy Power here with your money back as a free bet if you lose.

Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao for the undisputed welterweight and pound for pound championship is live on Showtime and HBO PPV priced at $99.95 in the US, whilst Sky Sports Box Office will broadcast the event in the UK for £19.95.