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Home » Nordic Fight Night stars predict MayPac ahead of Saturday fights

Nordic Fight Night stars predict MayPac ahead of Saturday fights

Here the Nordic Fight Night boxers offer their predictions:

Patrick Nielsen: 

‘’I hope for Pacquiao but I think Mayweather has to be the favourite. Manny’s fast hands and high work rate will be a big factor in the fight, but I think over twelve rounds Floyd will be able to adjust and find a way to get the decision. We could even see a knockout from Floyd in the later rounds!’’

Klara Svensson: 

“I think Pacquiao could give Mayweather some problems in the early rounds, but after around round four, I think Mayweather will gain control of the fight and eventually win on points.’’

Abdul Khattab:

“It’s very difficult to predict a winner. They are both amazing boxers with different abilities, but if I have to pick a winner, I would sayPacquiao. This is the fight he has been waiting for, he is the hungrier fighter and that could make all the difference.”

Oscar Ahlin: 

‘’I think Mayweather is going to win by decision. I would love Pacquiao to do it, but I think Mayweather is too smart. Compared to Floyd, Manny has taken a lot more punishment in his career and that could show in the ring. I don’t think it’s going to be an easy night, but I think Mayweather will remain undefeated.’’

Otto Wallin:

“It’s very hard to call a winner in this fight. I’m always back and forth because my heart is with Pacquiao. I hope that the speed in his hands and feet will be enough to beat Mayweather’s superb skills, but I have to be honest and I believe the fight will be close at first but after a few rounds Mayweather will take over and win by decision”

Tim-Robin Lihaug: 

”I’ve got to go with Mayweather and I’m afraid he could turn it into a boring fight, with Mayweather staying on the outside and out boxing Pacquiao. However the first few rounds are going to be interesting. Pacquiao has fast hands and feet, and throws a lot of punches from a lot of different angles. If anyone is going to cause Floyd problems it’s him, but I think as the fight goes on, Floyd will be able to adjust and box his way to a points decision.”

Alexander Hagen:

”I think Mayweather will win a close decision. Pacquiao will start fast and Mayweather may lose the first few rounds while he makes the necessary adjustments. It’s been a long while since either of them won by KO, so I believe it will go to the scorecards. Mayweather is one of the smartest, if not the smartest, boxer out there today. He always comes up with a way to win.”

Simen Smaadal: 

”Mayweather will win on points. Technically he is just too good. I would love to see Pacquiao win as he has so much heart but I think Mayweather will be able to outsmart him and grind out another win.”

Rashid Kassem:  

“I think Pacquiao will win and we might even see a knockout. Pac’s fast hands will be too much of a handful for Mayweather. He is a machine that goes on and on and on, and Mayweather can’t stop that. Oscar de la Hoya came close but held him back too much when he fought Mayweather. Pacquiao won’t make that mistake because, like I said, he is a machine.”

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