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MayPac predictions: Fighter’s edition (Part II)

Personalities from the whole spectrum of the sport have given their input into the poll as we count down the days to the most highly anticipated fight of this generation when two of the best ever collide to finally decide the pound for pound king.

In this edition, the final batch of fighters give their views on the super fight.

WBC and WBA welterweight champion Mayweather, 38, and 36 year-old WBO title holder Pacquiao lay it all on the line in a $250m blockbuster match-up and below are some of the views given by those from the boxing fraternity.

Viktor Postol: I will be rooting for Manny, he is a great guy and I think he can win this fight!

Prichard Colon – Mayweather vs Pacquiao is the most exciting fight in boxing history for fight fans and the general public. I believe it’s going to be a busy fight in the early rounds, but I give Mayweather the edge for his ring generalship. As the fight develops I see Floyd landing precise shots between Manny’s open attack. I have Floyd winning by late stoppage or UD.

Matthew Macklin – I think Mayweather wins on points. I could see Manny giving Floyd a few problems early but as soon as Floyd settles into the fight, into his groove and starts timing him – he takes control.

Sharif Bogere – In this fight it’s two different styles. Number one, Pacquiao is a kind of a fighter who doesn’t backup, he always keep coming forward. I think this is what he needs to do in this fight. Pacquiao’s chance to win is to keep the pressure and make the fight happen for him or else there is no way he is going to make it a sweet science. Floyd will pick him apart if tries to box with him. 

For Mayweather, he just has to do what Mayweather always does. I don’t see Floyd exchanging punches with Manny as that’s not Floyd. The way I see this fight is Mayweather is going to stay on the outside and try to outbox Manny or try to counter on every mistake he makes. While Manny has got nothing really to lose all he needs to do is make Floyd fight him.

Nikola Sjekloca – I think that Floyd will win the fight after twelve rounds clearly because he is bigger, stronger and of course he knows how to fight. He is the best when he is going backwards and he is prepared well all the time. If Pacman wins it will be great surprise for me.

Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan – Of the two of them, I think that because Pacquiao has been in the tougher wars over the years I have a feeling that his resistance is not what it once was. I can see Mayweather winning, and maybe even stopping, Pacquiao. That said, I’ll be cheering for Pacquiao and I hope he knocks Mayweather out.

Ajose Olusegun – It’s a 50/50 fight in my opinion and I respect both boxers. If I have to put my money on it, I will go for Manny.

Dejan Zlaticanin – I’m big fan of Pacquiao and would love him to win, but Mayweather is the smartest fighter. That said, he has never faced anyone with the speed and aggressiveness of Pacquiao, so I have to go with Pacman.

EC Boxing – Regarding MayPac prediction our team thinks that it will become a boring fight. Mayweather will run away Pacquiao will chase him over twelve rounds. We see a final victory on points for Moneyman.

Isaac Chilemba – I give it to Mayweather on points, I believe is too smart for Pacman. But if there is a knockdown or knockout, then I believe it will come from Pacquaio as I believe he has more power then Mayweather. So to be honest, points I give it to Mayweather and I think Pacquaio has a chance for the KO. So it’s 50/50 for me at this point.

Chris Van Heerden – I’m edging towards Pacquiao to beat Floyd on points. He will be the working harder and throwing in volumes. He will hunt Floyd down and score.

Lovemore Ndou – I’m picking Mayweather to win on points. I see Mayweather being a bit cautious in the first two rounds but still in control of the fight with sharp and accurate left jabs. From the third round onwards he will pick up the pace and school Manny. The thing with Manny is he can be very careless and reckless at times, but he just can’t afford to be careless against a fighter like Mayweather who is so accurate with his punches. If the fight took place about five years ago it would have been a better scrap. This is not to say it won’t be a good fight. It will still be a good scrap, but it will never live up to the great fights of yesteryear like Leonard/Duran, Leonard/Hagler, Leonard/Hearns or Hagler/Hearns, etc.

The other thing is Manny was badly knocked out by Marquez and the damage has already been done. I don’t care what anybody else says but once you are knocked out that bad you are never going to be the same fighter ever again. I like Manny as a fighter and his personality, but I just don’t think he’s got what it takes to beat Mayweather. Yes, he has beaten some good fighters in the past, but the majority of them were coming to the end of their careers and weight drained. This is what makes a big difference in this fight. Manny is coming up against a bigger fighter who won’t have to drain himself to make weight. I won’t be surprised if this fight turns out to be one-sided just as we saw when Mayweather fought Canelo. Everybody is going on about how Mayweather looked ordinary against Maidana but what these people fail to realise is the fact that Maidana just has the style to make anyone look bad. Maidana would make God look bad, win or lose. That’s his style. Mayweather wins this fight.

Michael Katsidis – They are doing really good in marketing this fight. In my opinion, Mayweather is the guy to beat. That’s just my opinion and I’m not biased in any way towards which fighter I like personally more than the other. My opinion is based purely on one I have seen and witnessed with my own eyes. I’ve seen enough to know that Manny doesn’t handle the slick fast mover too well. Manny makes a very good point when discussing the outcome of the fight between he and Floyd. I’ve seen him relate the fight to that of Hatton vs Mayweather. Manny speaks about the volume Hatton threw and in his mind how that changes the outcome of the much when he himself fights similar against Floyd. There are many advantages weighing in Floyd’s favour. Manny will be one if the greatest fighters of all time if he is to pull this off. Both men have a lot at stake, but I believe Floyd will have the edge. Respectfully to Manny.

Tavoris Cloud – Money Team between round seven and nine.

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