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Svensson: I felt like a broken car, now I’m a Ferrari!

The Swedish boxing star, who has compared herself to an Italian supercar, believes the additional work she has done in the gym will make all the difference once she enters the ring.

”At this stage in my training, I’m feeling better than ever,” announces Svensson. “Last year, I was in great shape for my fights, but in between I often felt like a broken car. Now, I feel like a Ferrari, and I can’t wait to cross the finish line as a world champion.”

The 27 year-old has credited a focus on alternative training methods for the upturn in her physical condition. ”I’ve been doing a lot of different work – stretching, pilates and even Tai Chi,” said Svensson. ”My balance and fitness has improved, and my energy levels have gone through the roof!”

Coach Joey Gamache has witnessed these improvements first hand in the Malmo-boxer’s training sessions. “Klara has always entered the gym with an incredible hunger and ambition, but I’ve never seen her bring so much power and energy,” said the renowned America coach. ”It’s really inspiring to watch her!”

Now only days away from her first world title challenge, ‘The Swedish Princess’ is leaving nothing to chance. “I don’t take anything for granted,” said Svenssson. ”I’m going over every little detail. I’ve never been so focused.”

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