Mayweather v Pacquiao: The Fighting Side

WBN 30/04/2015
Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao

Esther Lin

The sport of boxing has so much riding on this one single fight that the pressure the federation is feeling likely can’ t be put into words.  In all honesty there hasn’t been a bigger fight since Lennox Lewis vs Vitali Klitschko’s fight in 2003.  

Can you remember a fight that had this much buzz, this much anticipation and this much revenue flying around this century?  It’s not even close, but yet come Sunday morning it’s possible that the silent majority who have been soured by the sport’s lack of progress, could fully be put out and never come back.  Thankfully for now the story lines are too much to overlook as Pacquiao who is arguably the most aggressive fighter of our time, goes against one of the most historically methodical defensive fighters in the history of boxing.  Mayweather, who is undefeated in his career, has seemingly dodged a matchup with Pacquiao keeping his perfect record intact.  Many analysts think that Pacquiao despite his losses matches up fighting styles good enough to outlast Mayweather.

Manny Pacquiao has gotten to where he is by taking every fight that came along regardless of the matchup and payout.  He has successfully parlayed that into a career for the ages including more money than one man could ever spend.  Pacquiao’s superior foot work and revolutionary aggression has consistently put him in the position to throw punches from angles that are nearly impossible to defend.  His ability to come up underneath larger fighters with staggering body shots, is something that undoubtedly is a concern for Mayweather.  It’s understandable to favor Mayweather’s patience over Pacquiao’s aggression, but no one who is a fan of the sport is going to be surprised if Pacquiao wins his fair share of rounds and positions himself to win in a decision.

Some would say that Mayweather’s career has been the antithesis of Pacquiao’s but that would be far from accurate.  Mayweather came up polished, strategic and calculated in every move.  The former Olympic Bronze Medalist defends like no other, and strikes when the iron is hot.  He didn’t take on every fighter that came his way because he didn’t need to and has made a career on picking out the fights that are best suited for him including many fights where big name opponents like Oscar de La Hoya were slightly past their prime – a strategic string of opponents to say the least and a roll that has kept Mayweather in the ring, winning and earning money.

Mayweather in a unanimous decision is really the easy and gutless call here but the fight could go either way, as many have and if you’re looking to have a bet on the fight then make sure to head over to promo-code.co.uk to get the best deals and exclusive promotions at a number of online bookmakers..  But let’s not discount how the real loser depending on the outcome may be the sport of boxing itself.  Some people simply don’t want to put money in the pockets of Floyd Mayweather, a convicted domestic violence offender, and for those middle class Americans that do pony up the cash to watch, a good fight is expected.  It would be a disaster for boxing if the one fight everyone has been waiting for, the best fight in years, turns out to be anything but.  It’s impossible to say who is feeling the pressure, but there’s pressure to be felt and after Pacquiao and Mayweather collect their checks is middle class America going to anticipate the next big fight or walk away from boxing… again… for the last time.