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MayPac predictions: UK Fighter’s edition (Part III)

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Personalities from the whole spectrum of the sport have given their input into the poll as we count down the days to the most highly anticipated fight of this generation when two of the best ever collide to finally decide the pound for pound king.

In this edition, more UK fighter’s past and present give their views.

WBC and WBA welterweight champion Mayweather, 38, and 36 year-old WBO title holder Pacquiao lay it all on the line in a $250m blockbuster match-up and below are some of the views given by those from the boxing fraternity.

Anthony Ogogo – I think Mayweather will win. I think he’s too smart in terms of ring generalship. His reactions may have slowed ever so slightly, but his mind is still as sharp as ever. I think it may take him around three rounds to get into his groove. Manny, I think will use his speed to great advantage in the early rounds but when Floyd finds his range I think he will bully the smaller Manny like he did with Mosley. If Manny is behind going into the championships rounds and is chasing the flight I think Floyd could catch him coming in and potentially score the knockout. If it’s close I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vegas judges ‘wrongly’ awarded the flight to Manny.

James DeGale – It’s an intriguing fight that everyone wants to see. I am a Mayweather man through and through as he is a boxing genius. I think Pac will give him trouble with his speed and amount of punches he throws, but Mayweather will be too much for him and will win well on a points decision. I also believe Mayweather will retire undefeated.

Kevin Satchell – Can’t see it being an exciting fight because of all hype about it and I see Mayweather winning in points. Hope I’m wrong though.

Kid Galahad – I think Mayweather is technically one of the best defensive/counter punchers of the last 10 years and Manny possibly one of the best offensive fighters. For this reason, I would say Floyd is better equipped to deal with Manny than Manny is to deal with Floyd. Mayweather on points after weathering a few assaults.

Kal Yafai – Mayweather KO 9-12.

Junior Witter – Mayweather points wide.

Ola Afolabi – Mayweather by decision or KO.

Tyler Goodjohn – I’m going for a Mayweather points win the difference being that Mayweather won’t mind winning in an ugly fight and spoiling. He will do what he has to do to get the win.

Craig McEwan – Well my heart says Pacman but my head says Floyd! Still kind of on the fence, but if Manny can land flush the fight is over. But he’s got to land!

Gary Buckland – Floyd Mayweather on points.

Nick Blackwell – Manny to win the first three or four rounds and then Mayweather to figure him out and win on points.

Tommy Martin – Mayweather stoppage. Hate to say it becasuse I’m a huge Pacquiao fan.

Ste Williams – I think Mayweather wins on PTS by being cagey and picking his shots. By doing just enough to steal the rounds, but would love Manny to win though.

Haroon Khan – Hard to call for some reason, but Mayweather by stoppage or Pacman by points.

Tony Bellew – I base my prediction purely on the fact that Pacman has always struggled massively with counter punchers and Mayweather for me is the best counter puncher to have ever graced the sport. Pacman makes too many mistakes on the way in and will pay for them. I only see this getting close if Pac can take May’s big shots an continue to just blaze in. I don’t believe this can or will happen as Canelo/Cotto couldn’t and neither could other bigger, stronger men. Time will tell, but I’ll say this much though, BOXING is back where it belongs – GLOBAL again!

Michael Devine – I’m going to go for Mayweather, I’m a big Pac-man fan and would like to see him do it, but Floyd finds a way to win on points for me. I really hope their styles make for a good fight to watch and live up to the hype.

Nick Quigley – My hearts saying Manny, but my heads saying Floyd, I can’t help but think Mayweather is gonna school him. With Mayweather’s age and slowing reactions, I think now is the time to beat him, but I can’t see Manny winning on points. If he’s gonna win its gonna have to be a knockout. All that said I’m gonna say Mayweather wins on points.

Thomas Kindon – Mayweather is going to win, but Pacquiao is going to give him trouble in the first four rounds or so. Mayweather will work on the backfoot for a bit and then he’ll figure him out and take over the fight. I think it will go points to Mayweather as he’s too classy to get caught out.

George Groves – Manny wins a dubious points victory.

Luke Campbell – I think Mayweather to win. I think it will go 12 rounds and Pacman will throw his punches in bunches, but I think Mayweather will defend most of them and hit Pacman with the cleaner crisp punches. So Mayweather to win on points.

Joe Ainscough – I’d say Mayweather points, though would like to see Pacman prevail.

Darren Hamilton – Floyd Mayweather will lose the first four, then come back into it in the fifth and boss the rest of the rounds. Some of those rounds will be misinterpreted by Pac fans and Floyd will close the show and win by a split decision which will call for a massive rematch.

Young Mutley – I think Mayweather points.

Stevie Johnson – I will go for Pacquiao in round eight and I think it will cause murder.

David Burke – I think its an amazing fight and it could go both ways. Mayweather could easily outbox him or Pacman could outwork him. My prediction would be a points win for Mayweather, but I think it’ll be a hard nights work.

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