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MayPac predictions: Media edition (Part III)

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Personalities from the whole spectrum of the sport have given their input into the poll as we count down the days to the most highly anticipated fight of this generation when two of the best ever collide to finally decide the pound for pound king.

In this edition, more boxing media give their opinion on the fight

WBC and WBA welterweight champion Mayweather, 38, and 36 year-old WBO title holder Pacquiao lay it all on the line in a $250m blockbuster match-up and below are some of the views given by those from the boxing fraternity.

Kevin Rooney – I chose Mayweather. I have always said Mayweather would win even when the negotiations first started years ago. There is no one better than being able to adjust and nullify his opponent’s strengths than Floyd. I think Manny leaves himself open to counters, and while his footwork and speed are still tremendous, I see the first few rounds being close and then Floyd taking over in the second half of the fight to win a decision.

Bob Trieger – Mayweather WDEC12 – Now or 5 years ago, it doesn’t matter, ‘Money’ is too good defensively and Pacman’s damaged good by Marquez.

James Helder – I predict the draw at 18-1 today. It’s a great shout and everyone gets to do it over again!

Dom Farrell – I really, really want Manny to do it as many people do. As the best, fastest southpaw Mayweather has ever faced he should give him plenty to worry about and I’m almost swayed by the Roach gameplan that’s five years plus in the making. All this means it probably goes down as one of Mayweather’s toughest fights – a UD with scores ranging from 116-112 to 115-113. Sorry to be dull but, that’s the way it tends to go with Mayweather – you get sucked in by how much the talented guy he’s facing can cause him problems; you watch him have those problems completely unpicked by the midway point and stick rounds in the bank. Superfight or not, we have 47 reasons to expect this to pan out largely the same way.

Brad Silber – I like Mayweather by UD.

Michelle ‘Raging Babe’ Rosado – Manny Pacquiao has four rounds to knock Floyd Mayweather out. After that, Floyd will whitewash Manny. We may be treated to a couple of flash knockdowns, but Floyd Mayweather wins by UD.

Adam Lord – Mayweather is going to win on points. Pacquiao’s speed will trouble Floyd, especially early, but Mayweather’s slick skills should ultimately see him maintain his unbeaten record.

Declan Warrington – Mayweather points UD. Approx 116-112.

Bobby Hunter – Styles make fights and I see the southpaw speed giving Floyd huge problems but only if a high work rate is maintained. PAC UD.

Marc Abrams – I will take Mayweather by a close split decision.

Lee Elford – I can see both fighters adopting their famed styles for this fight; Pacquiao will take the fight to Floyd, who in turn will look to counter as he so often does. Here we have two of the most experienced fighters in boxing, but nothing can prepare them for the pressure and attention they are and will be under come fight night. I believe both will play it safe and stick to their familiar formula’s – Pacquiao’s marginally slowing speed will be too hot to handle for Floyd’s marginally slowing reflexes en route to a UD for Manny.

Antonin Vavrda ( – We can expect a very interesting clash of two different fighting styles in this one. Mayweather doesn’t like to fight southpaws. They simply don’t suit his fighting style, as they can usually penetrate his normally impenetrable defense. Pacquiao, in addition, is also very quick and explosive fighter who can maintain a high pace throughout the entire duration of the fight. Since his loss to Marquez, he’s all that more clever in the ring, not relying entirely on his power but instead boxing with more intelligence. Nevertheless, he’s still prone to counters, and as we all know, Floyd is a master at counterpunching.

Personally, I see the fight going either way. If it’s a decision, I’d go with Manny, as he’ll probably be the busier fighter and tire Mayweather in the later rounds. If it’s a knockout, I guess it’ll be Mayweather courtesy of some perfectly placed and timed counter.

David Greisman – This fight is coming years after it should have. But it’s still pitting two of the best fighters in the sport today against each other. It’s still an incredibly intriguing pairing, one that I can see going in so many different ways, but one that I must still pick with Floyd Mayweather as the winner.

Mayweather remains so adept at making his opponents miss, taking away their opportunities, then picking them apart with precision. Yes, he is slowing down a bit and did take more from Marcos Maidana than we’re used to seeing. And yes, he’s not faced anyone like Manny Pacquiao before, whose feints and movement and speed can give even great boxers trouble. I can see the possibility of Pacquiao catching Mayweather. But in the end, I remember what defensive or mobile boxers have done to Pacquiao’s style in the past. He’s held back at times, wary because of the possibility of what may return, content to box more wisely. He triumphed in nearly all of those fights.

Yet Mayweather is better than them. He remains the best in the sport for a reason. Mayweather by decision, unless he catches Pacquiao with a perfect counter.

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