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MayPac predictions: Fighter’s edition (Part I)

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Personalities from the whole spectrum of the sport have given their input into the poll as we count down the days to the most highly anticipated fight of this generation when two of the best ever collide to finally decide the pound for pound king.

In this edition, fighters from around the globe give their thoughts.

WBC and WBA welterweight champion Mayweather, 38, and 36 year-old WBO title holder Pacquiao lay it all on the line in a $250m blockbuster match-up and below are some of the views given by those from the boxing fraternity.

Jamie Kavanagh – I believe Mayweather will win by late stoppage. His size will play into the fight as time goes on and skills pay bills. Pacquiao’s strength is coming forward so he’s going to come forward and play too Mayweather’s gameplan and he will counter Pacman.

Luca Giacon – My prediction about MayPac is that Mayweather win by UD.

Tureano Johnson – Pac by split decision

Andreas Evensen – The heart says Pacquiao, but the brain says Mayweather on points or late TKO. I’m going with Mayweather, anyways. Most of all I want an exciting fight.

Sullivan Barrera – Floyd will use his skills to outbox manny and I dont expect a brawl. Floyd will not engage with him but will easily win by a decision.

Sugar Ray Narh – Well, well, well… Once upon a time in Vegas at the MGM. Floyd Mayweather will retain his belt again by a split decision. Ladies and gentlemen…And Still.

Patrick Hyland – I’m heading over to Vegas for the fight weekend but don’t have ticket yet. At least I can say I was in town for the super-fight ha! Personally, I’m rooting for PacMan, but I think it will be cagey first round and then Pac will pick it up fast for next six rounds. I think Floyd will sustain it and use he’s super defensive skills though and pick up a twelve-round points win. Still hoping for a Pacman win.

Hector Camacho Jr – Well the MayPac fight is an interesting one. It’s a who fights who fight! We got to see. If Floyd is the stronger fighter or will Pac will force Floyd to stay there and fight? Will Pac outwork Floyd or will Floyd s lead right be the key for victory? It’s a lot of questions that we need to be answered. And we won’t know till May 2nd. On paper, Floyd should win, but this is boxing we may never know? Floyd age might show come May 2nd.

Dennis Hogan – I predict Mayweather wins by majority decision in a close fight. Two judges will give it to Mayweather by no more than three points each and one judge will have it a draw. Mayweather will get the win tho 100% with no knockdowns on either side.

Maxim Vlasov – Mayweather by decision.

Stephen Ormond – I think if fight goes past six rounds Mayweather has it won on points. I think Pacman has to stop him.

Jarrod Fletcher – My heart is saying Pacman by my head is saying Mayweather. I’m a massive fan of Pacman and I hope he can pull off the upset, but Mayweather is the best defensive fighter I have ever seen. Manny has ridiculous speed and power and definitely can catch Mayweather, but I’m going with my heart here and tipping Pacman for a win via ninth round KO.

Luke Jackson – I think Pacquiao will start fast and try to put pressure on Floyd and outwork him like everyone else tries to. After one or two rounds, Floyd will adjust and start picking Pacquiao off and start walking him down, beating him up. I believed Floyd is very motivated to win clearly and maybe will try to get the knockout. Floyd by late stoppage or unanimous decision.

Delvin Rodriguez – Mayweather by decision. It’s going to be a boring fight for four to five rounds with Mayweather just boxing circles around Pacman.

Tony Luis – I think Manny has a better chance than he did a few years ago. A lot of people reading too much into his KO loss to Marquez and believing he’s faded. Also as to why he hasn’t scored a KO since 2009. I disagree. I think the KO loss to Marquez has made him more composed, less reckless and more defensively responsible. I think he’s proven that in his last three fights. As for his decreased KO ratio, people have to understand his opponents are fighting him differently now. When he first made his jump to 147, De La Hoya, Hatton, and Cotto for the first four rounds were standing in front of him trying to brawl and impose their size on Pacquaio who was perceived as the smaller man. Since those KO wins, things have changed. Other than steel-chinned Margarito, everyone else has fought very defensively with him and at a certain point, tried to find a way to survive once they feel his punch.

As for Floyd, he just has to be himself, but I feel his legs have slowed a little and that explains his increasingly closer battles over the years (Cotto, Maidana first fight etc). Personally, as strong as Maidana is, I don’t feel those fights would’ve been as competitive a few years ago and I most certainly feel there wouldn’t have been a need for a rematch. I feel his KO ratio has dropped as well, although his renowned hand problems could probably explain that.

In conclusion, Floyd has dealt with aggressive guys before, but none with the speed and ferocity and skill of Manny Pacquaio. All his best challenges had one of those qualities but never the complete package. For instance, Castillo was tough and conditioned, but lacked the foot movement and speed to cut the range when Floyd used his legs in the rematch. Cotto and De La Hoya were getting the job done in spots, but lacked the stamina to finish the job. 

Manny’s the complete package. Even at 36, he can punch hard and fast all day. Floyd can win but he will have to really fight by the mid rounds at a pace he hasn’t fought at in years. He will look to use his guile and reflexes to time Manny’s rushes, but he’s got used to throwing single pot shot counters over the years as he’s aged and it’s been enough. It won’t be enough with Manny as he’ll need to throw combinations for twelve rounds and he’s never looked great against southpaws. His shoulder roll posture, which he employs better than anybody, potentially in the history of the sport, isn’t as effective against southpaws either. When he twists that body during the maneuver he’s twisting right in front of that left hand.

Fighters don’t change overnight. I’m predicting an upset for Manny or a controversial decision which leads to a rematch for loads more filthy money!

Phil Lo Greco – I think Mayweather will win by Dec 12 UD because he’s able to figure out his opponents and loves to pot shot with the right hand. Paman is a sucker for the right, but every fighter has one big fight left in them and it could be a motivation factor for Pacquiao. The Pacquiao of four yrs ago might show up and if that happens we got a thriller, but I’ll go for Floyd as the winner.

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