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MayPac predictions: Female Fighter’s / Assorted edition

Personalities from the whole spectrum of the sport have given their input into the poll as we count down the days to the most highly anticipated fight of this generation when two of the best ever collide to finally decide the pound for pound king.

In this edition, female fighters and miscellaneous boxing personal give their views.

WBC and WBA welterweight champion Mayweather, 38, and 36 year-old WBO title holder Pacquiao lay it all on the line in a $250m blockbuster match-up and below are some of the views given by those from the boxing fraternity.

Female Fighters

Shannon O’Connell – As much as I would love Pac to win I think that Mayweather wins on close points.

Cecilia Braekhus – I have a feeling that Mayweather wins this on points after 12 rounds, but I must say that the real winners are the fans and the sport itself. It will be a huge night for millions of people around the world and along with them people from my home country Norway, who are very excited.

Susie Q Ramadan – I love both fighters, they are both great, but I think it will go the distance and Mayweather will get the win. It’s boxing and a surprise can always be in store also. but I am really looking forward to this one.

Jane Couch – It’s hard to go against Mayweather, but Pacman just seems to pull stuff out of the locker. Freddie Roach has a plan and if Pacman can stick to it he could do it.

Susi Kentikian – I think that Floyd Mayweather will win the fight as he is the favorite, but nothing is impossible and Pacquiao has good chances of winning. In boxing anything is possible – even a lucky punch. I wish Pac much success and believe this will be an exciting fight.


Talha Siddiqui – Mayweather SD.

Ed Diller – Pacquiao’s speed and power overcomes Mayweather’s defense. Pacquiao by SD

Damien Brierty – Floyd is the Master. He’ll win

Peter Politanoff – Floyd in 8.


Ed Majian (Sartonk Boxing Belts) – MD Mayweather if it goes to 12. Knockout for Pacquiao between 6 and 11 if it doesn’t get to 12. Tentative. Very tentative. I’m a huge fan of both for different reasons. Manny as a spare-nothing warrior and solid human being and Floyd as surgical technician and a talented, refined specimen of human athleticism.

Greg Bloom (lawyer and boxing representative) – Pac TKO 10.

Randy Gordon (Former NYS Boxing Commissioner & TV/Radio Boxing Commentator) -Mayweather W12 Pacquiao.

Bob Duffy (Former NYS Boxing Commissioner and Ring 8 President) – Mayweather W12 Pacquiao.

Jake Wood (Eastenders actor) – Head says Mayweather on points, but heart tells me Pacquiao gets the stoppage. Round 10. Either way will be a great fight.

Les Gold (Hardcore Pawn TV) – Mayweather. TKO 6th round.

Seth Gold (Hardcore Pawn TV) – Mayweather!

Charles Whittaker (ex-fighter) – Mayweather W12 Pacquaio. Mayweather wins this fight five years ago and five years from today. He is too smart for Pacquaio and will beat him by fighting in the center of the ring. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mayweather knocks him out.

Organisation officials

Ed Levine (IBO President) – We are honored that these two former IBO Champions are finally fighting. Rather than predicting a winner, I will go against the flow in my prediction: Either Pacquiao by decision or Mayweather by KO. I see the Pacman as the continuous aggressor and keeping the pressure on the counter punching Mayweather. If he can keep it up for twelve rounds he can win. He may, however, get careless and if so may get caught by Mayweather causing a Marquez -type late stoppage loss.

Simon Block (Commonwealth Boxing) – Four or five years too late, but ironically it may just be a better fight as with Ali v Frazier3 – The Thrilla in Manila. The smart money will be on Mayweather but if Pacquiao can still do 12 rounds at full pelt he may just have the angles and moves to bring off a surprise win.

Mauricio Sulaiman (WBC President) – A memorable fight which will live up to the expectations. Fast paced in the initial rounds with solid exchanges, great quality and drama.

Jose R. Izquierdo II (WBO) – A lot of experts will voice their opinions, but no one can accurately predict the outcome of this fight. This is going to be a historic event of epic proportion where world’s two elites will determine who will be the best pound for pound boxer. It is already a record-breaking event without precedent, not just as a Championship bout, but as a sports event. Can’t miss it!


Ron Katz – I like Mayweather by a hard fought decision. I think he may be more aggressive than people might think, but in the end his edge in overall skill, defense, and speed will carry him to the victory.

Robert Diaz (Golden Boy) – I just hope it finally happens as it is long overdue. I won’t believe it until the first bell rings, but if it does I see a chess match breaking out. Mayweather looking to counter and steal rounds and be as safe as possible. Manny being the aggressor throughout the fight trying to catch Floyd. I see Floyd winning an uneventful UD. For the good of boxing, I hope I am wrong and that we get a great fight so that all fans leave happy.


Seamus Macklin – Mayweather inside the distance.

Don Turner (Trainer of Evander Holyfield) – Mayweather W12 Pacquiao. Mayweather wins easily.

Peter Smith – I predict Manny Pacquiao to be victorious over Mayweather. I think Pacquiao will stop Mayweather if he catches him in the early rounds. The longer the fight goes, the better for Mayweather, but I think Manny has what it takes to stay ahead for the full twelve rounds. Other fighters fade without confidence in later rounds against Mayweather, but I say Pacquiao stops Mayweather in the 4th.

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