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MayPac predictions: Heavyweight edition

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Personalities from the whole spectrum of the sport have given their input into the poll as we count down the days to the most highly anticipated fight of this generation when two of the best ever collide to finally decide the pound for pound king.

In this edition, heavyweight past and present give their opinion.

WBC and WBA welterweight champion Mayweather, 38, and 36 year-old WBO title holder Pacquiao lay it all on the line in a $250m blockbuster match-up and below are some of the views given by those from the boxing fraternity.

David Price – Mayweather on points. A real chess match that may be difficult to score.

Fres Oquendo – Mayweather is a freak of nature. I give him the edge, but it’s a pick ’em. Manny looks more confident.

Larry Holmes – Mayweather W12 Pacquiao. Mayweather wins in a close fight.

James Toney – Mayweather W12.

Brian Nielsen – Mayweather W12 over Pacquiao.

Ray Mercer – Mayweather W12 Pacquiao.

Martin Rogan – my prediction for the fight is a draw.

Lucas Browne – Basically it’s a match that can go either way which in my mind and makes it what it is. Mayweather is slick and without a doubt an awesome boxer, but doesn’t have the power to ko Manny. He will be looking at winning on points, whereas Manny is fast, punches in bunches, can KO people and is a lefty. And I think Manny will be looking for the late TKO stoppage. Either way it will be an awesome fight and I’m putting my money on a Mayweather decision victory.

Joseph Parker – I really like Manny in this fight. His workrate is the key against Floyd and the way he throws bunches of punches from many angles will confuse Floyd and keep him out of his rhythm. I think Manny will be aggressive and outwork Floyd on the judges cards.

Taishan Dong – Floyd is the best in the world, but he hasn’t faced someone with Pacquaio’s style or speed in some time. I think Pacquaio will surprise Floyd in the beginning of the fight, land a few lefts and win the early rounds. Mid-fight Floyd will figure him out and wins the last half of the fight unless Pacquaio can make adjustments and change his style to give Floyd different problems once this happens. I’m rooting for Pacquiao, but I think Mayweather figures Pacquaio out by the fifth round and stops his attack while landing just enough punches to win the remaining rounds and win a decision 116-112.

Lamon Brewster – I Iike Mayweather by TKO in the 8th round.

Cedric Boswell – I like Pacman, but Floyd will win a unanimous decision or late stoppage 10th or 11 round.

Kevin McBride: Mayweather DEC12. Mayweather is a class act with too much speed for Manny.

Kevin ‘Kingpin’ Johnson – I got all my money on Floyd Money Mayweather by KO. Pacman can’t box and the shots he throws won’t even land. TMT will go down In History. It’ll take a younger Floyd to beat Floyd and he’s not here. Ain’t no one else around coming close!

Antonio Tarver – Mayweather 12 DEC.

Bobby Gunn – My predictions for Floyd Mayweather vs Pacman is that Mayweather will win a split decision. The only chance that Pac has is to get him is to jump on him fast from the start and make this a four round fight in his mind. But ultimately, if I had to make a bit out of my pocket I would put my money on money man by split decision. Understand my heart is with Pac and I truly wish he would pull it off, but do not be surprised if this is a very boring fight and a tactical chess match.

Trey Lippe Morrison – I want and would like to see Manny win, but if I was a betting man, I’d probably put my money on Floyd. I think if Floyd tries to fight Manny then Manny has a chance to win, but if Floyd is smart and does what Floyd usually does then he will win.

Danny Williams – I strongly believe this will be a very easy win for Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. I believe this victory will come in the form of a wide points win or mid to late stoppage. Manny Pacquiao’s problem is, his boxing, speed and killer instincts have deteriorated far too much to pose ‘Money’ any serious problems.

Michael Sprott – I think Mayweather by split decision.

Tyson Fury – Mayweather points.

Paul Butlin – Mayweather to win late stoppage or points. The way Pacman fights coming forward against the best defensive counter fighter in the world it can only end one way.