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MayPac predictions: Champions edition

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Personalities from the whole spectrum of the sport have given their input into the poll as we count down the days to the most highly anticipated fight of this generation when two of the best ever collide to finally decide the pound for pound king.

In this edition, champions present and past air their views.

WBC and WBA welterweight champion Mayweather, 38, and 36 year-old WBO title holder Pacquiao lay it all on the line in a $250m blockbuster match-up and below are some of the views given by those from the boxing fraternity.

Leo Santa Cruz – My prediction is that Mayweather is going to win by decision.

Arthur Abraham – Mayweather by clear-cut UD. Defense beats Offense nine times out of ten.

Adonis Stevenson – Mayweather W DEC 12 – “It is going to be close. It should be a great fight for everybody.”

Gennady Golovkin – This is a great fight for fans and for boxing. I like Manny’s style and his aggressiveness as its a little like mine, but Floyd is a great fighter. It will be a close fight, really too close to call, I’m not sure who is going to win, but I’m looking forward to watching.

Randy Caballero – I believe Mayweather will beat Pacquiao by decision. He’s just too smart and fast for Pacquiao and I believe there is no one out there that can beat him right now. He knows how to destroy a fighter not only physically, but mentally as well.

Scott Quigg – Mayweather. The early rounds will set the pace for the fight. It’s a 50/50 pick em, but I go with Floyd to win on points. Hopefully the fans will be the winners as we’ve waited long enough.

Ricky Hatton – I go with Mayweather. He always finds a way to win. The coaches will play a big part in this fight and it’s who gets the tactics right on the night. I still see Floyd winning on points.

Vinny Paz: Mayweather. Pacquiao doesn’t have a shot in hell, not even if he gets lucky. It would have to be something dramatic like a Mayweather injury during the fight.

Years ago he was a better fighter, but I still think Mayweather would have won then. I love him, but you can hit Manny. They’re just not in the same league. Manny is very hittable and you can’t hit Mayweather if you threw rice at him. Mayweather by decision but I won’t be surprised if he stops him. He’s a defensive genius, tough as nails and fast. He is a freak of nature and Manny’s been stretched out, flat out, and a fighter never comes back from that. His brain won’t allow it.

Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini – Mayweather because I believe he’s bigger, faster and stronger – which is the trifecta in boxing. But Pacquaio’s style is bad for Mayweather and styles make fights – not fighters. So, if he wins it’s not an upset. In fact, I’m hoping Pacman wins.”

Micky Ward: No prediction. Just going to watch the fight and hope it’s a great fight. Two of the best fighters fighting each other and that’s how it should be. Congratulations to both for making the fight happen.”

Clinton Woods – This fight is what the whole entire boxing world has been looking forward to for five long years. I see a Mayweather win by a split decision, but also a Mayweather shut out wouldn’t surprise me

John Ruiz: Mayweather by decision or late KO. Styles make fights and he has trained to take on straightforward boxers. Mayweather’s style of boxing is perfect to beat Pacquiao. His different angles, foot movement and hand speed will overcome Pacquiao’s straightforward fighting. Pacquiao is great, but luck is the only chance he has of winning. They are both great fighters meeting May 2nd but only one can win. There will always be a teacher and student when two great fighters meet in the ring. The teacher will be ready to give the student a lesson in movement and speed = one winner.”

Nicky Cook – Pacman TKO 10.

Nate Campbell – Mayweather decision.

Rico Hoye – I predict Floyd Mayweather by KO.

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