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Thomas Kindon aims for 5-0 on June 26 in Portsmouth

The 20-year-old prospect, originally from Leeds, has raced to four fights unbeaten since his debut in June last year, scalping Francis Croes, Anwar Alfadli, Dmitrijs Gutmans and Sergejs Logins along the way.

The next fight is firmly booked in the diary for Team Kindon but the opponent and venue are yet to be confirmed.

The 5ft 4″ Surrey boxing star known as the ‘Pocket Rocket’ said, “All I know is that I’ll be fighting on 26th June and the training starts back on Monday so it’ll be 12 week camp.”

Kindon has fought all four fights in the professional ranks at four rounds so far and is likely to feature in another four rounder in June at either the Mountbatten or Pyramids Centre in Portsmouth.

“My last camp was nine weeks but I want to be more professional now and be ready, so I’m going to start having 12 training week camps to be fitter and stronger,” explained Kindon.

“We will be working on the same things as always, really. In my second fight I went up too far in weight in between fights and I had to lose too much weight and it drained me, I felt it in the last round. Since then I’m keeping myself in shape between fights now so I cut back when I’m not training.”

A stand-out amateur, Kindon collected six national amateur titles for Guildford City Boxing Club making history as their most successful student ever.

Coach John Edwards believes that his national champion has exactly what it takes to emulate his amateur success in the pro game.

Kindon reflected on his debut year so far, “I’m happy with how it’s all going, so far. I’ve won four and stopped one so it’s going good. I knew it was going to be different from amateur to professional but I also knew that I could do it. I’ve enjoyed it all so I wouldn’t change anything.

“I’ve had thoughts of winning titles, if a title shot comes up then I’ll have it but just see what happens after the next fight. If the shot doesn’t come up soon then I will have to wait for it, I want to get more rounds under my belt and I don’t want to rush it, I am only 20 still.

“I’d like to win the British title, I think I can get that so that’s my goal at the moment. Southern Area and British, and anything on from there is a bonus.”

The next fight in June will complete Kindon’s debut year in the pro ranks and to finish at 5-0 and hovering just outside of the top ten in a talent-packed bantamweight division will be a fantastic start for the young talent.

With his reputation spreading the support is gradually increasing but selling enough tickets per show is still proving difficult, a problem he has suffered from since the start of his pro journey.

“I get mostly family and close friends support me,” said Kindon. “I’ve got a few sponsors that help me out a lot so I’m very grateful for that. I’ve got a bit of a following but it’s not thousands, hopefully that will get bigger when the time comes.”

For tickets to the show contact Kazy Kindon on 07867 569439 or email at [email protected]

Follow Thomas Kindon on Twitter @kindon122