Brendon Smith continues promotions in honor of Brayd, pays tribute to son

TGW & Smithy 19/04/2015

BRENDON SMITH HAS TODAY ANNOUNCED HIS NEXT PROMOTION WILL BE JUNE 27 and moving forward every fight card will carry a very significant and symbolic name. The June 27 show at Rumours International will be named TGW & Smithy Bring the big Fights 10.

“I will hurt for the rest of my life and my life will never be the same after losing Brayd,” Brendon Smith said.

“However I will carry my son’s legacy with me everywhere I go and I will move forward the best I can and from here on our show’s will carry his TGW name.

“Brayd was an owner of Smithy’s Gym and Smithy’s Promotions.

“He was the face of both brands and he helped build both from the bottom up.

“Brayd was the best role model for boxing and I will uphold his beliefs and principles to make the sport of boxing bigger and better than ever.

The June 27 ‘TGW & Smithy Brings the Big Fight’s 10’ card will once again be a boxing extravaganza with two show’s on the same day for the price of one. The event will kick off with a corporate Çity VS Country showdown followed by a big pro card.

“I am very proud to announce this event,” Brendon Smith said.

“Brayd loved to see people who dreamt of getting in the ring getting that chance.

“At our last show we had so many corporate bouts and the crowd was very supportive of the concept – so we want to do that again on June 27.

“Again we want to support all of the country clubs so that’s why we’ve come up with the city vs country concept.

“Then we will raise the bar once again with the pro card.

“Brayd always proudly wanted to showcase Toowoomba and the talent we have in our great city, so together we will continue to bring the big fights.

Not only has Brendon Smith announced he will promote a show on June 27 but he’s also pencilled in October 31. It presents Toowoomba fight fans with two big night’s of boxing to look forward to.

With Brayd’s legacy on his shoulder Brendon also intends to grow the brand, both nationally and internationally.

“With my mate Brayd I want to spread the TGW & Smithy’s Promotions brand nationally and globally. We will take it to another level.”

Brendon Smith also took the opportunity to send a heart felt thanks to so many people who have sent their well wishes to him and his family during the past month.

“TO ALL THE BOXERS under the Smithy’s Promotions banner – thank you, you have been amazing,” Smith said.

“I will do my upmost best for you.

“I will work for you.


“It was very humbling and morale boosting to hear how many of you expressed to me how you felt about moving forward and growing together.

“I also thank you for your friendship, it’s something I cherish greatly.


“I hope you all will continue to support us and I hope you all can come to TGW & Smithy Bring the Big Fights 10 on June 27. I promise it will be a great show.

“TO JACK ASIS – Thank you.

“You have just shown the World what myself and Brayd always believed.

“We both believed from the first time we met you that you would be a World champion.

“You are an inspiration to us all.

“TO MY SON TANNER & JAMES O’SHEA – Thank you for the lovely tributes of Brayd.

“TO MY FAMILY – Thank you.

“Brayd I love you and I will do you proud mate.”



There is a saying ‘If his heart was big enough he would give it to the World.

My son – that is just what he did. He made very clear from a young age that if anything happened to him he wanted to donate to any one in need.

Tuesday morning at 3am his heart was given to the World, as was his lungs, liver, pancreas and kidneys.

Because of Brayd five people received his gift of life.

In the past he wanted to give blood but wasn’t able to because he was a boxer and he was so disappointed.

This is our son Brayd John William Smith ‘Our Hero’

The most polite humble, intelligent caring gentleman I have ever seen. He was the best son, brother, cousin, nephew, grandson, great grand son, boyfriend and friend you could ever wish for.

He was perfect.

Especially the bond he shared with his younger brothers Tanner and Noah. Brayd gave them the best role model to look up to. He was also the perfect son to his mother Kerri.

He loved what he did, he was always forgiving to all.

He never judged those who did not know him but chose to judge him for whatever reasons. Unfortunately he was judged for what he chose and loved to do.

My son entered the boxing ring, proud to be in front of his family friends and home town. He also walked out just as proud and just as humble.

I wish to pass on my thoughts to John Vincente Moralde, John is not to blame and I know Brayd will want him to go on and continue his career.

To Tony Kettlewell, the referee on the night, you are not to blame either, please don’t carry any blame on your shoulders, Brayd loved you refereeing him I can say you were his favourite referee.

On behalf of my family I wish to say thank you to each and every person who sent their condolences. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to get back to you at this time – but I will contact each and everyone of you in time.

Brayd has left behind a huge hole in our lives, we will never forget him we will keep his legacy alive.

Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday. You have shown us all the way Brayd, until we meet again.

I will continue to uphold his values in life and can only dream of being half the man he was. I will and my family will never get over losing Brayd but we will get through and continue to move forward.

Brendon Smith.