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Home » Cohen backs Luis for decision or late stoppage win over Mathews

Cohen backs Luis for decision or late stoppage win over Mathews

After full champion Richar Abril pulled out for a second and was subsequently stripped of his title, Cohen had no qualms putting forward Ismael Barroso for the job of flying over to the UK for a smash and grab raid on the belt.

Fast forward just three days later and it dawned on Cohen that the timescale involved would make it impossible for the hard-hitting Venezuelan to be granted a Visa forcing a quick changeround for all concerned.

As Tony Luis was already lined up to fight Ira Terry this weekend and would be able to gain access to the correct paperwork in the allotted time, Cohen had no problems switching the two fighters around and believes Mathews is now in for a totally different experience on Saturday night.

“Tony Luis and Ismael Barroso are two totally different types of fighters,” Cohen explained to World Boxing News.

“Barroso has one punch power in either hand and constantly swings for the fences which means he would have been looking to KO Mathews from the opening bell, whilst Tony is one of the smartest fighters I’ve ever known.

“Luis is a pressure fighter and likes to be on the inside and he has better power than his KO ratio shows (ask Karl Dargan). He will bring the fight to Mathews and I believe there is no fighter on the planet with a stronger will than Tony Luis.

“I see this as a tough fight where both guys fully understand the gravity of what’s at stake, but I see Tony rising to the occasion in England and winning by unanimous decision or late stoppage.”

Given the fact that Cohen is adamant Luis will be the interim WBA champion come Sunday, he was then asked if he would then pitch Barroso against the new title holder in what would be an in-house championship offering later in the year.

“If it made financial sense for both fighters, sure we would consider it. In a perfect world I’d prefer not to put two of my best fighters against one another, but this is boxing and it’s far from a perfect world,” said Cohen.