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Home » The day in 1996 when Floyd Mayweather Jr was robbed (video)

The day in 1996 when Floyd Mayweather Jr was robbed (video)

It was the featherweight Olympic boxing semi final and the American fighter won the fight in the eyes of the attendees, the jury and even the referee who raised Mayweather’s arm in victory, but the winner announcement named the European as such, a verdict that came as a great surprise to all those watching in the arena and the audience on television. Today, a humble and honorable Todorov himself believes it was a robbery on behalf of the judges.

Amateur boxing, which once was a great platform for future professional boxing stars has become, very unfortunately, a disgrace and today AIBA’s administration is worse than ever.

Floyd Mayweather was stripped of the Olympic dream, but today he’s the most important fighter in the world and he will make history on May 2nd participating in the greatest fight of all time: Mayweather versus Pacquiao.

Here you will find the video to such dramatic fight, as anyone watching the so many blows landed by Floyd while the score on the screen remained the same: