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Gavern plans to make career changes, backs ‘special’ Joshua’s cautious path

The 37 year-old was never fancied to give Joshua any problems, but made what fight of it he could against a beast of a man who is destined one day to be a world champion and a possible dominant force in the sport.

Coming away from the loss, Gavern told WBN that he is not contemplating his future in boxing, although wants to make some alterations in his methods after coming up against a superior boxer whom he says is already capable of competing a title level.

“Anthony Joshua is a special fighter. He is big, strong, fast, moves well and the most surprising thing to me was how well he fought on the inside. I tried my best to get on the inside with him and work, but he was very on point and he is very good at what he does.” Gavern told World Boxing News.

“Joshua hits hard and it is because of his technique. He puts all of his weight into the punch. He doesn’t reach when he punches and he’s always in position to block and return punches.

“I think he is ready to step up now to title level, but he is obviously still learning his craft. He still needs to gain some ring knowledge and rounds and he will do that when he steps up against Kevin Johnson (on May 30). I think that is going to be a good test for Joshua as Kevin has never been stopped and has been at the top and fought the best. I believe Johnson’s experience is going to test Joshua for sure.”

Upon signing Joshua in 2013, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn announced a three-year plan to world level which could now turn into four due to a recent injury suffered by his top division protégé. Joshua is ripping through his opposition and making that plan seem a tedious route though as he is already ranked number seven by the WBC due to his International champion status.

Gavern is adamant that Hearn’s blueprint is the correct one and says Joshua’s time will come once his hones all his considerable skills en route to a certain world title shot in the next two years.

“Boxing is about timing,” he said. “I’m not saying that he can’t beat the likes of (Tyson Fury and David Haye), but there is no need to step it up that level yet anyway. Be patient and it will happen in time. Let Joshua mature more as a professional and going up against those guys will much better of a fight later rather than now.”

After participating in a landmark 50th pro contest in Newcastle, Gavern says he will continue fighting, but needs to change a few things before he steps between the ropes again after what was a punishing encounter with Joshua and represented his 20th defeat.

“I’m still going to fight. I just need to change a few things in my training methods. I also need to lose some weight and start coming into my fights lighter. My best boxing was at 230 to 235 pounds and I need to get my weight back down to that and put more time into my boxing.

“I still feel that I have the skills to beat some of these up and coming fighters, but I need to make some changes first. I have no fights scheduled right now but my phone line is always open,” he added.