Mayweather urged to avoid using $25k ‘Money’ mouthguards

Lee Gause

Floyd Mayweather is said to be using a mouthguard for his May 2 faceoff with Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas that is worth $25,000.

The mouthpiece is embedded with $100 bills and precious stones, according to celebrity gossip website TMZ.

But renowned Los Angeles orthodontist Ed Dela Vega, who has customized Pacquiao’s mouthguard since 2005, thinks it is just a publicity stunt.

“If I was a betting man, I will bet that Floyd will not use any of those dollar-encrusted mouthguards on May 2nd,” Dela Vega wrote in is column in philboxing.

“If he truly cares about his health and his looks, he will use a regular custom made mouthguard with just his logo or some sort of thin decals that would show his name or company.”

But Dela Vega is wishing that Mayweather gets bold and decides to use it.

“But I would love to see him use that dollar-encrusted mouthguard during the actual fight. One solid left hook from Pacquiao squarely place in Junior’s mouth may necessitate the services of a dentist after the fight. It’s really okay because Junior can afford dental implants and fancy Beverly Hills-type dental restorations anyway. He can even have them custom made with gold and diamonds in addition to the dollar bills,” added Dela Vega.

Courtesy of Nick Giongco of the Manila Bulletin. Follow Nick on Twitter @NickSpeaks