How the WBC’s ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ card corner system was born

WBC 08/04/2015

Take it as red! In the finest traditions of the World Boxing Council, Miguel “Red Card” Acuña, a distinguished Boxing Judge from Tamaulipas, came up with this brilliant and innovative proposal, at the WBC’s Johannesburg Convention in South Africa, celebrated in 1998.

It involved the usage of the “Red Card” in order to establish and maintain an effective plus accurate communication level between Doctors and Referees.

This brilliantly straightforward method of communication, aptly avoids any possibility of misunderstanding due to linguistic, dialect or cultural differences.

This Card is exclusively used by the ring medic. Even though the medic doesn’t have the authority to stop a fight, he/she is consulted by the Referee, in order to obtain a professional recommendation. In almost all cases, the doctor’ s opinion is fundamental for stopping the bout or letting the fight continue.

Accordintly, the Doctor must show the mentioned “plastic” to the Referee depending on diagnosis. If the fighter must not fight anymore, the Doctor shows the red card, but if he/she thinks the fighter can indeed continue to fight, the green card is clearly shown to the Referee, who is in charge of the final verdict.

Last Saturday, April 4th we were able to witness this system effectively and practically working, in Metepec, State of Mexico, with Carlos Cuadras defending his WBC super flyweight title against Panamanian, Luis ” Nica” Concepcion.

During the fight, a Mexican doctor, who doesn’t speaks English, examined Concepcion due to a cut he suffered to his right eyelid. The American Referee, who doesn’t speaks Spanish, managed to have a satisfactory communication with the Doctor, who showed him the “Green Card,” declaring that the fighter could indeed continue. And so ensued an exciting, emotive and memorable contest.

This once again confirms the genius of Don Miguel Acuña´s brainwave, facilitating safety, common sense and justice, to increase Boxing’s overall prestige.

The Red and Green cards are regularly used in Mexico, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, China and in a number of other countries to great effect. This system is well known and appreciated by Referees the World over.

The great Arthur Mercante, vigorously objected about the usage of this system during a session at the South Africa Convention. Then, our WBC President Don Jose Sulaiman took the microphone and said: “Dear Arthur, precisely in your last fight in Mexico, when Ricardo Lopez suffered a terrible cut produced by Rosendo Alvarez, we have the perfect example. The Doctor suggested to you to stop the fight and you let it continue, even with that terrible cut on Lopez “eyelid”…. Then, Arthur replied…..”But Jose, I decided to continue the fight as I didn’t understand a single word the Doctor was telling me.” The Hall resounded with hearty laughter…and this is how the Red Card System was born.