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Cyclone and Matchroom at loggerheads over Frampton v Quigg

Both parties have met up recently to discuss the possibility of a summer showdown between the IBF and WBA bantamweight title holders, although Cyclone have now stated that Matchroom are putting an agreement in danger by offering Frampton a separate deal.

Eddie Hearn went live on Sky Sports in the UK to offer Frampton a £1.5m package to fight Scott Quigg, although Cyclone want a 50-50 deal with Matchroom to co-promote the fight.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Cyclone said the following:

‘Cyclone Promotions, who represent IBF World Champion Carl Frampton, are in negotiations with Matchroom Sport, who represent Scott Quigg, to deliver a co-promotion of this eagerly awaited contest in June/July 2015.

Cyclone Promotions have made several attempts to organise a follow-up meeting with Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Sport to progress these negotiations.

Cyclone Promotions and Carl Frampton are therefore, surprised by this afternoon’s public offer from Matchroom Sport to Carl Frampton.

Matchroom Sport understands Carl Frampton is under contract with Cyclone Promotions. If Matchroom Sport are interested in joining Cyclone Promotions in staging this domestic super-fight, we recommend Matchroom accept the invitation for a follow-up meeting.

If Matchroom Sport does not want to meet, Carl Frampton will make an optional defence of his IBF World Title this summer.’

Frampton himself added: ‘My team and I have been in negotiations with Matchroom Sport to co-promote this fight. It has been made very clear to Matchroom Sport throughout the entire negotiation period that this huge domestic fight can only take place as a co-promotion. It is therefore, frustrating that Matchroom have deviated from negotiations with this offer.’

UK fight fans have been craving the Frampton-Quigg contest for some time now and will be keeping their fingers crossed that both sides can reach a satisfactory conclusion in the coming weeks.