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Home » AJ Galante launches ‘Prize Promotions’ with May 30 show in Danbury

AJ Galante launches ‘Prize Promotions’ with May 30 show in Danbury

The Connecticut based Promoter has officially introduced his company, Prize Promotions, this week.

“I’m excited for this challenge.” Galante stated, “This wasn’t something I decided to do overnight, I have actually been planning this for a few years now. I plan on slowly developing something special here in Connecticut, and giving the fighters here opportunities that aren’t consistently available to them.”

Galante explained his vision and goals for Prize Promotions centers around competitive matchups and featuring old school fighters, “I am not looking to sign fighters to Prize Promotions at this time. What I am looking to do is put on exciting fights and provide opportunities. I am looking to feature old school boxers, guys who aren’t afraid of risking undefeated records or being in a tough fight. I want guys who don’t have shiny records, I want the guys who most promoters don’t see having great value. I have no stock in anyone who fights under my promotion, so there won’t be many true A and B side fights. Connecticut isn’t a boxing hotbed, and there is talent here, but the only way for these guys to earn respect is to take it, therefore to fight on a Prize Promotions card means to fight real opposition and develop the old fashioned way.

“There aren’t many pro shows here in Connecticut, but I am hoping to change that, and want to help give these guys a platform to showcase who they are.”

On May 30th at the Danbury Arena, in Danbury, CT, Prize Promotions will conduct its first Professional Boxing show, ‘Danbury Fight Night’.

More information including bouts, ticket pricing and availabilities will be announced soon.

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