Simmons and Saunders primed for North East bouts

MGM 04/04/2015

Saturday night sees a title fight and a pro-debut for MGM fighters live on Sky Sports 2 at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle.

Stephen Simmons is defending his WBC international silver cruiserweight title against Jon-Lewis Dickinson and is confident he will retain it.

“I have the power to beat him. I don’t think he will have the work rate that I bring to the table,” said Simmons “I don’t think it will go the distance, but if it does I will be sure to win on points. I don’t mind how I win”.

Jeff Saunders is making his professional debut in the same line-up, determined to follow in the impressive footsteps of his older brother Bradley. MGM are keeping it in the family and Jeff is excited to get started, “I am so proud to be part of this fight night, it will be the biggest platform I have performed on and so excited to be making my debut on it. I want to thank everyone.

“I am in great shape and I am going to make everyone proud!”