Jikani replaces Fourie, fights Joubert on April 13

Golden Gloves 02/04/2015

No-one ever said boxing was fair. This is what Grant Fourie found to his cost last week when Boxing South Africa stepped in and nixed his challenge for the SA junior-welterweight title against Warren Joubert.

This was on account of having come off a defeat, losing to Vusumzi Bokolo last year.

Instead, Warren Joubert will now fight number three contender Lungisa Jikani, who has won his last five outings, at Emperors Palace on April 13.

Joubert’s stablemate Adam De Moor was number two, but he’s shifting up a division, with Fourie ranked four and Joubert number one.

Lungisa (14-7) hails from Port Elizabeth and has had an inconsistent career. The biggest name on his record is Irvin Buhlalu – he lost in five in 2011 – but doubtless his biggest misfortunate has been inactivity.

He won the Eastern Cape belt in his last outing and has been in training, making him a solid match for Joubert.