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Nevada Commission to ‘slowly integrate’ tablet scoring system

The Executive Director, who took over from Keith Kizer almost a year ago, was asked about the implementation of an updated system at all levels, although ruled out the very top fights being electronically scored in the immediate future.

“We are still working out the details at this time. We will move slow and methodically and collectively evaluate the electronic scoring system,” Bennett exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Currently, we will use pen and paper and slowly integrate the electronic scoring system into either amateur fights or smaller events.

“It is premature for me to present an electronic option to the Chairman and Commissioners for the biggest fights,” he added.

Tablet scoring is obviously the way forward due to the simplicity and ease at which the cards can be totalled in the aftermath of a contest. It also may go some way to eradicate a portion of the sporadic errors we have seen in the announcing of fights during the recent past.