Goodwin drops Patel following shocking IFL TV interview (video)

Phil Jay 22/03/2015

Goodwin Boxing have released a statement regarding Prince Patel following a video interview the fighter did with IFL TV recently.

The video sees Patel cause some controversy with his comments and has been the subject of some debate on social media since its first airing last week.

Below is the official statement by Goodwin and the interview provided by @iFilmLondon.

Promoter/Manager Steve Goodwin today announced that he has decided to release Luqmann Prince Patel from his contract with the Goodwin’s with immediate effect.

“We are a family run organisation and look after many boxers and managers. We have an ethos within our company which we require everyone to work to. We did not feel Mr Patel fitted within that ethos and decide to part company” said Goodwin.

“We wish him all the best in his future career.”