Braehmer and Krasniqi easily make weight for WBA title bout

Sebastian Heger

Weighing in just over 173 lbs, World Boxing Association light heavyweight champion Juergen Braehmer is ready to defend his crown on Saturday at the Stadthalle in Rostock, Germany.

The German scaled 173.3 pounds and will defend his 175-pound against the Challenger and WBA Continental champion Robin Krasniqi who weighed in at 173.9 pounds.

Braehmer (45-2, 33 KO) and Krasniqi (43-3, 16 KO) said at the Thursday press conference that they are ready for the battle, and both are confident that it will be a great show for the fans.

The officials appointed by the WBA are USA Tony Weeks as referee, and the scorecards will be totalled by Stefano Carozza (ITA), Oliver Brien (GER) and Glen Feldman (US). Supervisor for the contest is Renzo Bagnariol.

Full weights and running order:

1st fight at lightweight, scheduled for six rounds:

Jacek Wylezol (Poland) 62.1 kg / 136.9 lbs

Ohara Davies (UK): 62.0 kg / 136.7 lbs

2. Fight Super Middleweight, scheduled for six rounds:

Volodymyr Borovskyy (Ukraine) 75.0 kg / 165.35 lbs

Stefan Haertel (Germany) 76.7 kg / 169.1 lbs

3. Fight the GBU World Cruiserweight Championship, scheduled for twelve rounds:

Bernard Adie (Kenya): 89.0 kg / 196.2 lbs

Agron Dzila (Switzerland) 88.5 kg / 195.1 lbs

4. struggle in the light welterweight, scheduled for ten rounds:

Timo Schwarzkopf (Germany) 65.0 kg / 143.3 lbs

Anthony Yigit (Sweden) 65.0 kg / 143.3 lbs

5. fight in the heavyweight division, scheduled for ten rounds:

Irineu Beato Costa Junior (Brazil) 121.5 kg / 266.9 lbs

Denis Boytsov (Russia) 97.2 kg / 214.3 lbs

6. fight WBO Intercontinental Championship in the Super Middleweight, scheduled for twelve rounds:

Balazs Kelemen (Hungary): 75.6 kg / 166.7 lbs

Vincent Feigenbutz (Germany): 75.5 kg / 166.5 lbs

7. fight, WBA light heavyweight championship, scheduled for twelve rounds:

Robin Krasniqi (Germany) 78.9 kg / 173.9 lbs

Jurgen Brähmer (Germany): 78.6 kg / 173.3 lbs