Photographer Andrew Heard captures amazing moment Wadi Camacho takes huge shot

The boxer landing the devastating blow was Wales’ own undefeated cruiserweight Craig Kennedy who took out the painful recipient Wadi Camacho in seven rounds.

Kennedy moved to 11-0 with his sixth career knockout which came about moments after this stark and harrowing picture was taken by the alert Heard at ringside. The shot isn’t easy on the eye and has a wincing tendency about it, although you cannot help being take aback by the detail on view in a very honest photo.

Camacho was bloodied and beaten despite his best efforts in what was his second fight with Kennedy as the first was halted in the second round last October when the southpaw was accused of biting.

It was the third time in five losses Camacho has been knockout out and you can almost see each and every loss etched in the ‘Macho Man’s’ face as he takes the full blown hit.

WBN would like to thank Andrew Heard for sharing his photograph with us. Visit Andrew’s Facebook page here for more.