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Home » Mayweather: No resentment towards Arum, I had to become my own boss

Mayweather: No resentment towards Arum, I had to become my own boss

Arum and Mayweather parted company back in 2006 following a successful working partnership which was then tarnished by spiteful snipes between them in the resulting years. Mayweather even went as far as stating that Arum was the sole reason the fight with Pacquiao was being held up for so many years, although ‘Money’ went some way towards making amends at last weeks’ LA press conference.

“This fight could’ve happened a long time ago, but it’s the right time now. It’s an unbelievable matchup and I know the fans can’t wait for this. The timing is right and the timing is now,” said Mayweather.

“We finally made it happen. Everything is about timing.

“There was no resentment towards (former promoter) Bob Arum, I was just happy to become my own boss after years of working hard and dedicating myself to boxing and also learning the business side of it. With time, I eventually had to become my own boss. There are no hard feelings towards Bob Arum at all.

“It’s always good to see the best fight the best, that’s what’s so intriguing about this matchup,” added the pound for pound king.

Mayweather, 38, is set to bank nine figures for his clash with arch-rival Pacquiao at the MGM Grand in two months’ time and would be able to push his case as the best fighter to ever lace on the gloves even further with an impressive victory over the Filipino.