‘Boxing’s answer to 20:20 cricket’ heads to BT Sport (preview video)

BoxNation 12/03/2015

Total Combat is an all action, brand new boxing format television show on BT Sport, devised by promoter Francis Warren. The first episode of this new series, hosted by OJ Borg and Charlie Webster, will be aired on 18th March at 9pm.

Fighters from all combat disciplines come together for this new format which is an evolution of the Marquis of Queensberry’s traditional boxing rules.

Eight fighters battle it out to become the Total Combat champion in an all action elimination tournament, where fighters are not just against their opponent, they are also against the clock!

With six minutes on the clock, stamina, drive and conviction are essential to beat their opponent. There are no breaks, no opportunity for each fighter to regroup their thoughts or to hear words of encouragement; for those six minutes they must rely on their own physical and mental strength to overcome their challenger, as they go all out to win the maximum cash prize on offer and move on to the next round of the tournament.

The prize money on offer is linked to a countdown clock and decreases with each passing minute. This is the incentive for fighters to win the bout as quickly as possible by stopping their opponent, encouraging more engagement between the fighters and more action as they attempt to grab the maximum prize money on offer.

If there is no knock out in the round then the winner will be judged by the referee’s decision, based on the aggression, accuracy and hunger for the victory shown.

With each round of the tournament, the prize money on offer increases, as does the pressure; as fatigue sets in and the fighters get closer to becoming the Total Combat Champion.

To add to the action even more, the fighters get a chance to add to their prize money for the evening further, with the randomly selected “BLITZ” period: 30 seconds where the prize money increases if one of the contestants can secure a knockout victory within that time frame.

Total Combat is 8 fighters, 7 fights with only 1 winner!

A new explosive combat sport television concept, geared towards more action
One single, fast paced six minute round
As the time elapses in each bout, the prize money on offer goes down
A one night, eight man elimination tournament
Contains a 30 second random ‘BLITZ’: Prize money increases if victory can be secured in that period
Boxing’s answer to 20:20 cricket

Tune in to BT Sport 1 on 18th March to check out all the action. Four more episodes have been commissioned for this series produced by BoxNation, further details to follow.