James Rowe: I’m a cut above The Hermanator!

What purpose does a bald man have in a barber shop? It’s a bit like asking someone to sell ice to the eskimos..there’s no point really? Or is there….James Rowe had other ideas.

In the lead up to his bout with Herman Ene-Purcell, Rowe has made a habit of ‘visiting’ his opponent. First it was in a night club and secondly it was outside a night club when the Hermanator was on security guard duties and now you can add Soul Barber to the list..

Why Soul Barber you ask? Simple. Herman Ene-Purcell is a first year apprentice barber and there’s no prizes for guessing where he works.

With the media in tow Rowe’s first act was to hand out autographs signed as ‘the next heavy weight champ’. Then he walked into the Soul Barber and demanded ‘the works’ from Ene-Purcell.

Initially Herman tried to brush off the request but Rowe reminded him ‘I’m a paying customer.’

On their way to the chair he said “I hope you’re a better barber than you a boxer.”

All mind games no doubt but you could see it all didn’t sit well with the Hermanator..but in good customer service he adhered to Rowe’s requests.

Ene-Purcell applied the razor to Rowe in the barber’s chair and come March 14 he hopes to apply the power of his fists when they meet in a highly anticipated four round heavy weight war.

But according to Rowe, who is trained by Rod Parry from Warwick, that won’t happen.

“He will go down, I’m not Ali I can’t predict the round but he will hit the canvas,” Rowe said.

“I knock people out, that’s what I do.

“I’ve had 12 MMA fights, ten wins and eight by knock out.

“Herman has no idea what he’s got in front of him on March 14, his past opponent’s weren’t hungry, they weren’t even fighters to be honest, I am and I’m hungry.

“There’s no hard feelings after the fight I’m happy to sit with Smithy (Herman’s trainer Brendon Smith) and Herman and give him a few pointers and show him where he went wrong.

“I’m too good for someone like Herman Ene-Purcell, I don’t think I will win I know I will win.

“If you think he hits hard…wait till you see my power.

“My advice to Herman, stick to the razor champ, hang up the boxing gloves.

In Herman’s typical placid nature he down played Rowe’s antics.

“He seems to keep following me,”Ene-Purcell said.

“I know who he is, he doesn’t need to keep visiting me and he will see plenty of me on March 14.

“I probably shouldn’t complain, his haircut is the easiest one I’ve ever done.

“I’ll just keep working away and preparing for fight night, he can call the media and try make all the scenes he wants..but when we get into the ring he’s gotta back up all this talk.

“I respect him, as I do anyone who steps between the ropes, but I hope I can shut his mouth with a victory.