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Floyd Mayweather Jr: One legacy

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The Son of Floyd Mayweather Sr, nephew and pupil of the former World Champion Roger “Black Mamba” Mayweather, Floyd Jr. From Grand Rapids, Michigan, started boxing virtually as soon as he could walk.

With The Sweet Science coursing through his veins, the young natural debuted as professional on October 1996, defeating Roberto Apodaca by KO.

With an undefeated record, Mayweather had on his sights firmly set on the WBC super featherweight championship. He fought for the title on October 3rd, 1998 against Genaro Hernandez, comprehensively dominating him until round 8, when Genaro´s corner didn’t allow their man to continue.

He defended his title 8 times, and then he decided to climb up to the lightweight division, where the WBC champion was Jose Luis Castillo.

In spite of a left shoulder injury, Floyd effectively used his jab against Castillo in the first rounds and Castillo would try to shorten the distance, wining some rounds. Mayweather would become the new WBC lightweight Champion by unanimous decision.

He defended three times the WBC lightweight crown, but he would it leave it vacant, in order to advance to the super lightweight division.

On June 2005, he faced the then WBC super lightweight Champion Arturo Gatti, sntaching the crown from him with a brilliant seventh round stoppage.

Without making defenses, Mayweather took the decision of conquering the WBC welterweight championship and he fought against tough Argentinian Carlos Baldomir. The fight lasted the full 12 rounds, with Floyd convincingly winning by unanimous decision.

On May 5th, 2007, he fought against Oscar De La Hoya, With the WBC super welterweight belt, on the line. This fight will remain in history for being one of the most anticipated, plus garnering the biggest profits in the entire history of boxing…so far! The bout would end by split decision and the announcer declared Mayweather as the new Champion.

That night was one of the most important of Floyd’s career as with this exceptional triumph, he’d become a world champion in 5 different weight categories!

Then he had a “last” fight in this division, where he put on the line his WBC welterweight title against Ricky Hatton, announcing his retirement after winning by a TKO.

After some time of inactivity, Mayweather returned to the ring “better than ever”, facing and beating rivals Juan Manuel Márquez, Shane Mosley, Víctor Ortiz, Saul Álvarez and René “Chino” Maidana (twice), simultaneously defending his WBC welterweight and super welterweight crowns.

The zenith challenge has finally arrived to face and fight Manny Pacquiao, to decide who is the best fighter and to triumphantly seal….but one legacy.