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Dimitry Salita inks Kazakh puncher Bakhtiyar Eyubov

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Now opponents who will be getting in the ring with Bakhtiyar Eyubov, they might not be so excited because the prospect is by all accounts a power hitter.

Eyubov, 5-0 as a professional, with five knockous to his credit, comes from Kazakhstan, the same homeland as middleweight superstar Gennady Golovkin. Like Golovkin, Eyubov looks to remove the judges from the equation. Indeed, he gets going from the opening bell, as four of his five KOs have come in round one.

With over 150 wins in the amateurs, a vast majority by KO, it is clear that his style will fit into the pros quite well, and Salita is excited to let New York City-area sweet science fans check him out in the near future.

Eyubov has already enjoyed a reputation as a fearsome banger, so he’s had to agree to fights from 147 pounds all the way up to light heavyweight, 175 pounds, to entice foes to glove up with him. The 28-year-old hitter is summed up thusly by promoter Salita: “He is an aggressive body puncher and aims to get the KO every time. Eyubov has an exciting style and he is very hungry to climb to the top and be a world champion.”

Eyubov will be managed by Wilson Naranjo, who manages ex champion Luis Collazo and world-rated contender Raphael Vasquez. Salita will soon announce his next professional fight card, and when we can see the talents of the prospect Eyubov for ourselves.