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Home » Promoter unleashes shocking tirade at Solis, sizes up Thompson v Charr

Promoter unleashes shocking tirade at Solis, sizes up Thompson v Charr

Solis, 34, refused to fight on past the ninth round when behind on two of the three scorecards (one was even), handing Thompson a 40th career victory and in turn taking his own record to 20-3. The loss represented a third defeat in six for ‘La Sombra’ who now finds his career in tatters as Oner contemplates pitching Solis against up and coming prospects in the future.

Oner, who also worked in Solis’ corner, was clearly bitterly disappointed with the Cuban’s performance.

“I have wasted a lot of time, nerves and money on Solis. He has all the talent in the world but he just blew it”, says Oner.


“I cannot believe how bad he looked today. He is a shame for Cuban boxing. The guy is done. And I’m done with him. He’s still under contract with me but today he made the step from contender to journey man. I will throw him to the wolves and feed every young and hungry prospect with him who is ready to pay some money.”

While he was furious at Solis, Oner congratulated Thompson on his win and already has a potential fight lined up for ‘The Tiger’ in the near future.

“Tony looked good and got the job done”, he said. “I have options on him and I am sure that I will be able to land some more big fights for him. He will jump up in the ratings.

“There are some guys up there constantly looking for trouble and I think Tony still is a serious threat to numerous contenders. I don’t know what Manuel Charr has lined up but he keeps on calling out everybody. That might be an interesting option. We’ll see what’s next,” added Oner.